Summer Merchandise must have items

2021 is the year of outdoor gatherings, picnics and local holidaying. We’re all looking forward to the summer sun coming. Summer is also a brilliant season for brand awareness. With people taking their water bottles, travel coffee cups, outdoor games and backpacks on their journeys, there’s opportunity to get your brand seen at local parks, on transport, at beaches and many other places. There are lots of promotional products that might offer you excellent brand awareness opportunity this summer but here are Brandelity’s Top 3 summer merchandise suggestions to get you noticed the right way for the right reasons.


Branded Cooler Backpack1. The Slazenger Cooler Rucksack

There are a number of reasons why this makes the top 3 list. Firstly, it’s the quality of the item. This will be kept and used for many years to come, meaning long-term brand awareness. Also, being made by a well known brand also increases the perceived value. Finally, this item is useful and appeals to a very wide audience. Whether you’re a young adult who hangs with friends at the beach and goes to festivals or an older adult who is likely to go on hikes or family picnics, you will love the cooler backpack.

Get more info on our Slazenger Cooler Backpack here.


2. The Little Linekar Football

Promotional Sports Merchandise: Size 1 branded Football

It’s always good to show interest in current events, especially when it allows for fun talking points amongst staff and clients. This year the Euros will take place starting June 11. After the difficult situations of the past 18 months, the Euros will (hopefully) be a time where friends and family can come together to enjoy some good sporting entertainment. That’s why we think branded footballs will be a fun and well timed giveaway this summer. Plus, with the amazing 360degree branding capabilities, they also allow for some of the aforementioned outdoor brand awareness when taken to the park for kick around. While we can offer all sizes of football, we think the smaller size 1 Linekar models allows for easy transportation.

Get more info on our Little Lineker Football here.


3. Wheat Up Cutlery Set

Now you’re probably wondering, why does a humble cutlery set make our top 3 list. Well, for a number of excellent reasons. It is reusable and it’s made of a mixture of wheat fibre and PP. So not only does less plastic go into making the reusable set than most reusable travel cutlery; it’s very purpose is to reduce the need for single-use cutlery given away with takeaways and lunches on the go. This makes it a very popular item for eco-conscious companies. It offers great value for money and is a useful, everyday item that is extremely portable. It can be taken on picnics and camping trips during the summer months, but can also be used year round as reusable cutlery for your office lunches or midday snacks. Perfect for the upcoming outdoor gatherings, budget friendly for businesses trying to watch the pennies following the effects of Covid and most importantly, a long-lasting product that helps solve the single-use plastic issue which consistently makes headlines.

Get more info on our Wheat Up Cutlery Set here.