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It’s 2019 and so another year of embossing notebooks, engraving pens and printing t-shirts begins. However, each new year brings new industry and design trends which allows us promotional merchandising specialists to get excited about the next hot product and the newest innovations that we can turn into a promotional marketing opportunity. After looking at trends in web traffic, doing online research and speaking to our clients, we’ve decided that the biggest promotional merchandise trends of the year will be moving away from plastic items, focusing on products that promote a healthy lifestyle, items that have an ECO appearance and paying that little bit more to ensure a higher quality and perceived value. It seems clients are recognising that often, one top quality, brand/industry specific giveaway is more valuable than a bag full of run of the mill goodies.

Baring all of that in mind, here are our predictions for the hottest promotional merchandise items of 2019.

1. Claro Glass Coffee Cup

eco-full wrap bamboo wrap

This ticks so many boxes it’s bound to be huge! Due to the #waronplastic and the new reusable coffee cup incentives from major retailers, our reusable coffee cup range was extremely popular in 2018. Our favourite coffee cup in the range is the Claro Glass Coffee Cup. It has no plastic elements, is comfortable to hold with the silicone grip and has a high perceived value without having a high price tag. It also comes in a retail friendly printed brown box, giving it even more class and eco appeal. As well as that, the silicone grip and lid can be Pantone matched on orders of just 200 units. With companies craving a strong brand identity and more brand recognition, this is sure to be a promotional pleaser!

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2. Full-Wrap Stainless Steel Bottle

Much of what was said about the Bamboo Takeaway Mug applies here! A very popular product for the last 6 months, largely due to the Pass on Plastic movement, this product now has even more branding opportunities. Everywhere you look, these Stainless Steel water bottles with thermal properties are being sold. With our new printing techniques allowing for a full-wrap print, the possibilities for these are now endless. They encourage people to ditch single-use plastic as well as promote a healthy lifestyle and very importantly for brand managers and purchasers, they have a high perceived value and can also offer an excellent return if retailed. A great product that companies will want to align themselves with.

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3. Sprout Pencil

People love it as it’s quirky and about as ECO as you can get. I think unique products and green products will be very popular in 2019. The sprout pencil can be engraved with your logo, but where the real personalisation opportunity comes in is with the personalisation of the packaging and also, the choosing of the seeds. It’s this level of customisation that sets it apart from its competitors and will see if be a big seller in 2019. Imagine Strawberry Seeds for Wimbledon or Mint Seeds for a brilliant brand of rum!

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4. Regento Portable Charger

Technology is moving forward at an exciting rate! You can’t travel on public transport without being surrounded by smart phone addicted passengers playing games, listening to music and streaming videos, which is exactly why the popularity of Power Banks continues to grow. There are hundreds of models to chose from, but we’ve opted for the Regento as the best of the bunch. It can be engraved or printed, is made from bamboo, looks smart and is available in a range of capacity sizes. If they aren’t already, Power Banks will be a must-have item in your bag by the end of 2019, making it a great promotional giveaway people will constantly engage with.

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5. Seed Bags

Returning to our predictions, our Seed Bags have not only made the list simply because they are one of my favourite items of the moment, but again because of their Eco appeal. Plastic bags have been replaces by reusable paper and cotton bags at Trade Shows. The Seed Paper Bag takes that environmentally friendly appeal to another level, being made out paper with integrated wild flower seeds! When you’ve finished with your bag, you simply plant it into the ground and watch it sprout to life! They are a memorable product and surprisingly, the cost is similar to that of our regular paper bag range. The only thing that stops this product for being at the very top of my list is its slightly limited print options (a 2 colour print the maximum) and there is a slightly grainy finish to the print, which I love but others may not.

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6. Organic T-Shirts

Can you see a theme developing? We added Organic T-Shirts to our range of bestselling T-Shirts on our website and they were an instant hit. They also feel better than some other value day t-shirts and considering the quality, they don’t cost that many extra pennies. Whether its to sell at an event or as part of a staff uniform, we are finding that companies are now willing to sprare a few extra pennies for superior quality and for an organic option which is good for their CSR and overall brand image. Due to the success of the first organic t-shirt added to our standard online bestseller range, we’ve now added a value organic option and a range of Eco jumpers and hoodies. I predict these products will be the bestselling apparel in our whole range this year,

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7. Salad to Go

Fitness Promotional Products

In 2016 there were 540,000 vegans living in the UK, today there are 3.5 million, that’s an increase from just under 1% to 7% of the population. This change in British diets has led to lots more homemade lunches and salads being taken to the office, which is why we believe branded salad pots are such a good product. People will engage with them daily, the product promotes a healthy lifestyle which is a great association for a brand and they work as a retail item, a giveaway or as an employee incentive. It’s not a hot product yet, but we think branded salad pots and lunchboxes could be a real winner for 2019.

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8. Power Up Bottle (Water Bottle & Ear Phones!)

This might seem like too much of a specialist product to make the list but here is our theory. The fitness industry is continuing to strengthen with 1 in 7 adults now a member of a gym. Apps like Couch to 5k and free Park Runs all across the UK are getting everybody up and moving! Couple this with the popularity of the stainless steel water bottle and peoples willingness to spend that little bit extra on unique, quality merchandise and we have concluded that the Power Up Water Bottle, with its thermal stainless steel properties and integrated wireless headphones, is sure to be popular! We can see runners and gym goers loving this all-in-one bottle gadget. The appeal to marketers is a large, bright branding area and an option for customised packaging.

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We’ll let you know at the end of the year how we got on with our predictions!


If you’re interested in any of the products above, please click on the links provided for more product info and to get a quick quote. Alternatively, get in contact with one of our account managers on with your questions and price requests.