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Having been in the promotional merchandise business for more than 15 years, we’ve seen lots of product crazes and buying trends come and go and this year, one product group seems to have clawed its way to the top of the most wanted list….introducing the stainless steel water bottle range, with each model being able to be engraved or printed and even fully-wrapped with your logo or design.

Why have people gone crazy for the stainless steel bottle?

We’ve been hypothesising the reasons for the metal bottle’s rise to the top of the promo merch list. Firstly, there was a trendsetter in the funky Chilli Bottle. When something is new and cool, everybody wants one. The other reason is that it really does keep your drink icy cold for a very long time. We’ve been testing these bottles here in the office and have been amazed at how long our water is able to stay cold in even the warmest temperatures, which brings me onto my next point… It has been the warmest summer on record since 1976, so a drinks bottle that can keep your water icy cold is exactly what everybody is rushing out to buy!

Eco appeal is a biggie

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As well as the rising temperatures, there has been a definite rise in eco-consciousness this year, helped on by the war on plastic. Stainless Steel Water Bottles are perfect for those wanting to ditch single-use plastics and promote reusable drinkware. This also makes it an excellent choice for company branded promotional merchandise for those wanting to show they care about the environment. With it’s a high perceived value, vast branding opportunities and its wonderful eco appeal, it is easy to understand why popularity has soared.

Thinking printed stainless steel bottles might be right for you?

There is a range of model designs and size options to choose from, with some preferring the handbag sized 350ml Stainless Steel Bottle and others preferring the larger big backpack sized 750ml offering. For those looking for a real high-end finish, we have found the Verona design appeals with its metallic base contrasting the colour body. Some feel a shiny, coloured Siena bottle is more in keeping with their brand, whilst others like the industrial metal look of the Lucca.

metal water bottle with logo

Whichever bottle takes your fancy, printing or engraving are both branding options and our team can recommend methods and create you some free visuals as well as send you all the pricing options you require. Minimum order is just 50 units on the 350ml and 500ml sizes but is higher on the 750ml version. For more info, just get in touch on 0800 6891701 or email

Alternatively, you can click on any of the products on the Stainless Steel Water Bottles page and request a free, quick quote on the website.