A 2011 study put Employee Recognition as the number 1 way companies use branded merchandise, with a staggering 58.9% saying they used merchandise in this way. Whether it be as a gift for staff, a prize or desk decoration, corporate gifts for employees are a key incentive.

Here are a couple of more specific uses.

Staff Welcome Packs
Welcome packs familiarise staff with the brand image and can demonstrate the company’s ethos and values. Visuals of the companies brand on the desktop are proven to increase productivity and promote a sense of staff unity.

Employee Welfare & CSR
Branded water bottles for staff can promote drinking water throughout the day, important for staff welfare and giving staff branded tote bags and reusable coffee cups can also work as part of a pass on plastic workplace campaign.

Why not encourage some friendly competition? Use premium corporate gifts for employees as rewards and prizes for the best performing members of your team.

Branded Metal Drinks Bottles

Most Popular Merchandise Items for Staff Incentives

Why Branded Earbuds?

You want to make sure that you give your staff something useful and with a high perceived value, which is what makes our Ari Earbuds so perfect. Particularly popular with tech companies, they have also proved favourable with millennial start-ups as well as health and fitness companies.

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Gifts for Staff
Why Branded Water Bottles?

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and well-being is great CSR and will hopefully lead to happier staff with less sick days. One way to do this is to encourage water drinking. Install a water dispenser and gift your staff members with their very own company branded bottles.

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bamboo lunchbox printed with your logo
Why Branded Lunch Boxes?

We are passionate about helping companies pass on plastic and it’s important you help your staff to do the same. Homemade lunches in reusable branded lunchboxes promote a healthy lifestyle and discourage buying unhealthy ready meals in plastic packaging.

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Helping Facebook with Gifts for Staff

When Facebook launched their new Marketplace venture, they decided to treat their staff members to new branded gift packs. These packs were carefully put together with products that were useful, showed a concern for the environment and offered great brand awareness.

Gifts for Staff

Want some ideas for Staff Incentives?