Brandelity Cares

At Brandelity we take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. This is not just our responsibility to our employees and the local community but also our responsibility to the environment and the global community. Full details on the steps we take to ensure CSR are outlined in the Policies PDF which can be downloaded below. If you require further information about Brandelity or have questions about anything found in the Brandelity Company Policies & CSR PDF, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and email

We’ve Linked Our Loo

We’ve only gone and linked our loo with Dig Deep. It’s now officially partnered with a loo at St Theresa’s Primary School in South-West Kenya. Why you ask? Maybe it’s because we were feeling flush or perhaps that’s just how we (loo) roll. Or maybe it’s because this amazing charity works to provide clean drinking water, safe toilets and hygiene information to disadvantaged parts of rural Kenya and linking our loo funds a toilet elsewhere. It’s hard to learn without a loo so, the more kids that are able to study without worrying about where they can relieve themselves the more clever cloggs we’ll have to solve the bigger problems in this world.