Milk-Carton Pen

Product: CL-W120

This sustainable, blue ink ballpoint pen is made from recycled carton Tetra Pak milk packs. A perfect Eco alternative to classic plastic pens. Recycling drinks cartons leads to savings of 75% on fossil fuels, 90% on water, and up to 70% on CO2 emissions (compared to using new raw materials). When a Tetra Pack is recycled, the paper and cellulose are recovered and reused. The remaining polyethene and aluminium are normally thrown away but for this pen they have been processed into fine granules and used to create the Milk-Carton pen. Logo printing is to the barrel and can be up to 5 colours.

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 units.

Milk-Carton pen product information:

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 units.

Pen Type: Click pen

Material: Recycled carton Tetra Pak milk packs.

Branding Location: On the barrel

Print Options: 1-5 colours      Print Area: 40 x 6

Pen Colour Options: Blue/Grey

Pen Ink Colour: Blue

Recycled Branded Pen

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