Event merchandise continues to be extremely popular. When Recycling Lives, a company whose premise is based around reusing materials to help reduce waste, wanted reusable water bottles for their upcoming show, we were more than happy to help. 

Their event was the 2021 Cars Expo and as the largest processor of scrap vehicles in the UK, it was an important event for them. As always we recommend promotional products with a long life span, that are reusable and are useful, so metal drinks bottles were a perfect fit and very on brand for Recycling Lives. The company chose our Lucca bottle, with a non-coloured metal, industrial look and finish. They also chose the larger 750ml capacity, meaning this water bottle will last longer when filled. Our Lucca Bottles are part of our stainless steel bottle range. These popular bottles are double walled; designed to keep drinks colder or hotter for longer periods, making them the perfect companion on commutes and business trips.

We think they looked brilliant and the product matched the look and feel of the company’s brand image perfectly. We hope they were a hit at the show and look forward to working with Recycling Lives on future projects.

A bit about Recycling Lives:

Recycling lives is a recycling company with a difference.
Grown around our belief in social sustainability, Recycling Lives leads the charge in the next wave of circular economy business models where social sustainability and the environment sit at the heart of our purpose, along with excellent service and competitive offerings. We believe in doing good to do good business.

If you would like to talk to our team about reusable drinks bottles for your next event, please get in touch with us at sales@brandelity.com or call us on 01753 491470.