Our client Cushon, a company that specialises in improving people’s financial futures through healthier saving habits, had a tight deadline a full-colour logo and a requirement for high quality and eco-friendly merchandise.

Working with Cushon we decided upon 3 items: Express Verona Bottles, Imperial Fresh Eco Mints and Wheat-Cycled Express Pens. Each of these items are sustainably made, has a fast turnaround, and appeals to the target audience. 

Our Express range of products can accommodate full-colour logo printing which is perfect for Cushon’s vibrant and colourful logo. The express delivery meant that the eco mints and wheat cycled pen met the deadline so they could have them as handouts at a live in-person event. Perfect for brand awareness! 

The Eco-tub mints come in fully compostable packaging and the Wheat-Cycled pen’s barrel is made from a mixture of recycled plastics mixed with wheat straw. The classy stainless steel Verona Water Bottle is reusable and reduces the need for single-use plastic water bottles, which is what Cushon wanted when giving to their employees to enjoy as well as their clients. All these items are great for eco-friendly marketing campaigns.

If you would like to create your own pack of company branded merchandise then get in touch with our team on sales@brandelity.com or 01753 491470.