Cambridge University is known for educating some of the most forward thinking and brightest minds the UK has ever seen. It’s therefore no surprise that the university takes the issue of climate change incredibly seriously, conducting lots of research and discussion.

The rCup is Brandelity’s most eco-friendly reusable coffee cup offering. A premium, long-life coffee cup made from recycled single-use coffee cups. The rCup is effective in a number of ways: it reuses waste from landfill and replaces the need for single-use coffee cups.

Cambridge University want to ensure they are part of the solution and not part of the problem when it comes to the environmental crisis and so take CSR very seriously. When the psychology department at the University of Cambridge got in contact with us, it was no surprise that the coffee cup they were interested in branding was our most sustainable offering. They wanted a “welcome back” gift for their members whilst supporting the sustainability projects within Cambridge. We think the rCup was the perfect choice.

If you’re interested in branding your own rCups, they are available in two sizes. Please get more information using the buttons below or by emailing