Sanctuary Retreats offer a range of luxury, authentic, boutique experiences  around the world. Their motto is  “Luxury, naturally.” and nature plays a big part in their experiences. Their accommodation consists of lodges, luxury campsites and boat trips in some of the most naturally beautiful jungles, savannas, deltas and mountains in the world. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that Sanctuary Retreats look to be ethical and sustainable in their merchandise choices. 

Sanctuary looked at our range of what we call “super Eco merchandise”. That is, products that are not only made of sustainable or recycled materials but also serve an environmentally friendly purpose, such as being reusable and reducing the need for single-use plastic. An example would be our rCup, a reusable coffee cup made from recycled coffee cups. Another great example would be our Gotta Lotta Bottle Bag, a bag made from recycled materials that replaces the need to use single-use carrier bags in the supermarket. 

As a travel company, Sanctuary Retreats wanted merchandise that was easily transportable and would be useful anywhere in the world; they chose our Reusable Metal Straw Sets. Two stainless steel reusable straws with cleaner in an attractive natural cotton pouch. What’s great about our branded reusable straw sets is both the pouch and the straws can be branded for extra brand awareness opportunity. Plus, the sleek and professional engraved finish on the straws is great for increasing the perceived value. A useful and impactful merchandise choice. Sanctuary were over the moon with their products and we hope the straws are happily being reused again and again wherever they may travel.

If you have any questions about our Reusable Branded Metal Straw Sets then please contact a member of our team on or on 01753491470. If you’d like a quote for your own branded straw sets, please click the button below and ask for a quick, free quote request.