Merchandise is a powerful tool and can do a lot more than just drive brand recall. The choice of merchandise that a brand makes can be very revealing to a client, staff member or potential customer. Among other things, it can give you an idea of their professionalism, focus, ethics and very often, their value.

This year UK travel management company Traveleads rebranded as Ventur. The company plans to “elevate standards of service” and deliver “a premium, tailored travel management experience”. As with any major rebrand, new merchandise is essential. With “premium” and “tailored experience” being key to Ventur’s new corporate offering, it was vital their new choice of merchandise reflected their new superior service.

Ventur chose to brand stationery, a popular corporate gift for staff and clients. Notebooks and pens are sure to be kept and be used; offering long term brand awareness. They also selected a reusable, trendy glass water bottle. In order to increase brand value and reinforce their new brand colours, Ventur Pantone matched both their new notebooks and glass bottle. They partnered this with a slick engraved Parker Pen. Co-branding associates your brand to another with a high perceived value and strong customer perceptions, which positively reflects on your company image. Parker Pens are synonymous with business, trust, longevity and style. An excellent choice!

We think Ventur’s new merchandise was perfect for the launch of their new brand into the world of premium business, professional sport and group travel management and we look forward to working on more successful projects in the future.

Learn more about Ventur on their website.

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