In 2017 the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) conducted a study in which a whopping 66.3% of participants said they used promotional merchandise for trade shows. This is not surprising given the wide range of benefits to using merchandise at these events.

  • Drives traffic to your stand on your big day
  • Creates recall after the trade show has finished
  • Can show your brands “look & feel” and highlight its values
  • A creative and memorable way to pass on contact details
  • Staff merchandise makes them recognisable to clients and look professional

Other research has shown that a trade show visitor is 52% more likely to stop if you have exciting promo giveaways to hand out. This makes branded merchandise a necessity and an investment that will drive future business opportunities. Key to good trade show merchandise is usefulness and portability. A useful product offers repeated brand awareness as it’s regularly engaged with.

Popular Merchandise for Trade Shows & Events

Eco-friendly Branded Recycled Tote Bag
Why Branded Tote Bags?

Branded tote bags are a staple of trade shows. You will see thousands of visitors walking around flashing the brands of exhibiting companies which gives them low cost brand awareness. Cotton tote bags are more eco-friendly than plastic carriers, however to really stand out and show your Eco intent, choose our recycled Evo Tote Bags.

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Company Branded Polo Shirts
Why Branded Polo Shirts?

Branded apparel can work as a promotional giveaway, especially if your brand is well known and holds value or you have a fun design, but Staff Branded Polos are a more common purchase. These will ensure your employees are instantly recognisable to potential clients and look professional.

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Event Giveaways
Why Branded Sunglasses?

Branded sunglasses are a low cost event giveaway, perfect for those looking to accommodate hundreds or thousands of visitors on a budget. Unlike a tin of mints, these have a long lifespan meaning repeated use and brand awareness. We also have a range of Eco appeal sunglasses to help set you apart from the competition.

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Getting Natwest Trade Show Ready

Event Giveaway Ideas

We have assisted Natwest with a number of their products at Trade Shows. This pack for Aptimise helped the staff look professional, be ready to take notes and kept them hydrated. The full colour printed cotton tote bags were an eco-friendly way to distribute their literature easily on the day of the event. The Eco theme continued with their choice of drinkware. They opted for E-Trend Bamboo Thermos, great for hot drinks. Its distinctive look was eye-catching on the day. The choice of debossed notebook also finished the high-end look and feel of Aptimise’s trade show merchandise.

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