A Branded Merchandise Partner for all Projects

Brandelity has a wealth of experience in the branded merchandise industry and partnerships directly with factories all over the world. Whether it’s kitting your business for shows or creating engaging giveaway gifts for purchases, we deliver effective and memorable products.

We don’t print your logo on unimaginative throwaway plastic products. We don’t distribute your merchandise in unresponsible packaging with no regard for the environment. We make sure your branded merchandise captures your target audience and gives them the right impression of your brand.

Seamless Service in One Place

Brandelity offers you a hassle-free, seamless service. Your dedicated account manager will handle everything, from the sourcing of your products at the enquiry stage, to warehousing with pick and pack delivery or webstore setup. Having one trusted company and one dedicated, experienced account manager handling all your merchandising needs ensures you get the quality of product and service you need.