Promotional plants, pots and seeds are the perfect eco-friendly branded gift if you are looking for something environmentally-friendly with a difference. These quirky products will get you noticed and will always be received with a smile. These products make for a low cost and high-value promotional items.

Here is a selection of some of the most popular promotional plant products that we are branding at the moment. Click on an item below for more product information or to get a quick, no-obligation quote. 

promotional seed sticks
Seed Stix Packets
Promotional Plants
Seedball Matchbox
Promotional Plants
Miniature Bio Pot
Branded Pot Plants
Mini Eco Plant Cube
Branded Pot Plants
Duo Planter Wood
Promotional Baby Fruit Trees
GoGrow Baby Fruit Trees
Branded Seed Pencil
Grower ‘N’ Seeder Pencil
Promotional Plants
Sprout Pencils
Eco Promotional Products
Seed Paper Bags

Premium Plant Gifting

fresh air palm
Fresh Air Palm Kokedama
logo branded succulents set
Succulents Set in Natural Clay Pots
Bonsai Gift Set
Premium Kokedama Bonsai Gift Set
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