Eco-friendly promotional products are one of the most popular ranges of branded merchandise. With climate change and the war on single-use plastic being big news topics, everyone is looking to become more eco-friendly. Our selection of environmentally friendly promotional items is constantly expanding, featuring products that are recyclable, sustainable, and gentle on our planet. These products offer an excellent way to showcase your logo while demonstrating your company’s dedication to the environmental. Here is a selection of some of the most popular eco-friendly promotional products we are branding at the moment. Click an item for more info. All of our eco-friendly products come branded with your logo. 

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Promotional Products?

By 2050 it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish. Choosing eco-friendly branded merchandise is great for the environment as these products do not contribute adversely to their surroundings. Half of digital consumers say environmental concerns impact their purchasing decisions and 66% of consumers are willing to spend more on sustainable goods. These figures show consumers are actively looking to buy from companies whose beliefs and values align with their own. Purchasing and utilising Eco-friendly promotional products is a great way to show your commitment to your sustainable company values. 

Our Latest Eco-Friendly Merchandise Case Studies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eco-friendly promotional product?

An eco-friendly promotional product is one that works to reduce unnecessary waste and pollution and/or is made from recycled, waste or sustainable materials. It can also be something that actively tries to reverse the effects of climate change and single-use waste culture.

What are the most eco-friendly promotional gifts?

It’s hard to measure exactly how eco-friendly a gift is as there are lots of variables: carbon footprint, lifespan, usability, social impact etc. At Brandelity we like to promote what we call our super Eco products. These are products made from sustainable or recycled materials and are reusable products that look to reduce carbon emissions and solve an environmental problem. Examples would be reusable bags made from hemp (which reduces the need for single-use plastic bags) or reusable coffee cups made from recycled coffee cups (reducing the need for single-use coffee cups). Chat to our team to hear more about our super Eco products.

Do your Eco promotional products have traceability and certification?

Not all of our products come from the same supplier and they’re also manufactured in different locations. We work hard to make sure we work with the best, most trusted suppliers and many of the products we buy from them do have a range of certification that is available on request. If you’d like more information on certification for a particular product, contact us.

Is the packaging for all your promotional products eco-friendly?

Packaging is a large part of what makes an eco-friendly promotional product. Where possible Brandelity uses recyclable or recycled packaging and if we can, we keep packaging to a minimum. However there are instances where non-recyclable packaging is necessary such as with food products and maintaining “freshness”.

What are some of the materials that eco-friendly promotional products are made from?

Our products are made from a wide range of materials such as RPET (recycled plastic), organic cotton, sustainable bamboo, wood, cork, recycled paper, stone and even recycled coffee grounds.

Can eco-friendly products be branded?

Yes, we offer branding on all our eco-friendly promotional gifts. Some branding methods are recognised as being more environmentally friendly than others. For example, digital printing is far more sustainable than screen printing since it uses less energy, produces less waste, and has a smaller carbon footprint overall. For those not wanting to use dyes, lots of our Eco gifts can be engraved.

Is environmentally friendly merchandise more expensive?

It can be but not always. Reducing Carbon footprints of promotional products can involve changing manufacturing or shipping methods and that may incur extra costs for suppliers. Traceability and ensuring factories and working conditions are frequently monitored and kept to standards such as ISO and Sedex, also adds an extra cost to manufacturers and suppliers and this can sometimes be reflected in increased costs of goods. However Brandelity works hard to offer great value even for our most environmentally conscious products.

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