Branded merchandise is often bought by museums, charities, music professionals, theatres and sports clubs for retailing. These items are often sold after events, in online stores or in physical gift shops.

Retail promotional products can have different considerations to giveaways.

Although always important, as a company never wants to be associated with poor quality, when items are retailed a company doesn’t want them to be returned and be giving out refunds. Buying top quality products from a trusted supplier with a guarantee is crucial.

Perceived Value
Company branded merchandise with a high perceived value is often preferable. It allows you to put a bigger mark-up on your products and make more money. It also means your company is associated with quality merchandise.

Current & Universal Appeal
Having a promotional product for retail with wide spread appeal is important unless you really target a niche product. Company branded merchandise like drinkware, tote bags and t-shirts are often found in gift shops and sold after concerts. With the current Eco agenda, promo products like tote bags are more popular than ever and whatever product you go for, we always recommend going for an environmentally friendly version. Better for the planet and for your CSR.

Retail Promotional Products

Promotional Product Ideas for Retail

Reusable Promotional Products
Why Branded Drinks Bottles?

Drinks bottles are a popular retail item for many. Everyone drinks water, being reusable they help to pass on plastic and there are so many styles and branding options. Our Pure Pantone Bottle is made of glass, can be colour matched for extra brand awareness and features an embossed option for a premium finish.

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Express Branded Tote Bag
Why Cotton Tote Bags?

Sold in all good gift shops, these are often seen as a value purchase on which a large mark-up can be placed when branded. They feature a very large branding area and there are lots of designs, weights and colours for companies to choose from, making them perfect for retail. They also help others to pass on plastic!

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Organic Promotional T-Shirt Printed With Company Logo
Why Branded T-Shirts?

The number 1 selling merchandise item at concerts and festivals, T-Shirts are also popular at sporting events and in museum gift stores. To show some brand ethics and improve CSR, choose to brand quality organic cotton t-shirts. They may be a few pence more but they have a much higher perceived value.

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Cool Merchandise for Cool Planet

Retail Promotional Products

The Cool Planet Experience, are a non profit organisation on a mission to educate, engage and inspire people from all walks of life about Climate Change. It’s a project we are proud to have partnered with. Cool Planet were looking for company branded merchandise to sell in their shop. With their focus being on climate change, it was important their merchandise was Eco-friendly and came from ethical sources. They chose Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Bamboo Coffee Cups and Cotton Tote Bags. All of these promote passing on single-use plastics and are made from sustainable materials themselves.

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