Corporate gifts and promotional products aren’t the same things. Corporate gifts are used to show gratitude and build the relationship between you and your client. Promotional products are usually used to raise awareness of a brand or one of its products. Branded merchandise can work to serve either of the marketing mediums. When it comes to corporate gifting, more premium gifts, with a higher perceived value are often preferred and on occasion, these can be branded. As an example, Barclays Bank may give its important clients leather wallets with its logo debossed or Google might give some of its partners a high-end tech gift with the Google logo on.

There are two key things you want to achieve with your corporate gift.

1. You want the item to be useful to the recipient, adding value to them and also increasing your brand exposure as it will be used frequently

2. The gift should make the client feel valued and appreciated, making you more memorable and likely to get future business

At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” Mary Angelou

Corporate Gift

Popular Branded Corporate Gifts

Quadra Branded Laptop Bag Grey
Why this Branded Backpack?

Branded backpacks are a great gift as they’re useful and offer lots of brand awareness in the office and on commutes. The Convertible Charge Laptop Backpack offers that little bit more. With a built-in USB charging port, it allows you to charge your devices on the go. This added bonus makes it unique and gives it the premium feel of a corporate gift.

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Premium Branded Notebook

Why Castelli Notebooks?

A gift from a premium brand has a high perceived value and will be something your clients will treasure. Castelli are a brand known for making high-end notebooks and diaries. It’s an item that will be useful for all business men and women and can be combined with a high-end pen to make a premium gift set.

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Ari Airbuds22 3

Why Branded Ari Buds?

As with the other items, Ari Buds are seen as a premium gift with a high perceived value. A modern and unique gift, they give the impression of a young and fresh brand. They can be branded with a full colour print and are portable, so it’s likely your clients will use your gift on the go and you’ll get repeated brand exposure.

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Continental’s Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Continental wanted to show their clients appreciation with a branded corporate gift set. The items had to have a long life span for extra brand awareness, be useful to the recipients and be on brand. All of these items were made from metal, giving them the premium feel and finish you would expect from a corporate gift and it also allowed the 3 gifts to feel like part of a set. The pen and the Bluetooth speaker are both popular products in the market and the weighty Rolo Bluetooth Speaker has a high perceived value but a low price tag. Our favourite item though in the multi-tool. It’s specific to the sector, will be useful to the recipient and is unique and on brand.

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