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We’ve branded it all, from teddy bears to bumbags to chopsticks! Sourcing the most effective promotional items for your project is our speciality. Here you will find a hand-picked selection of best-selling promotional procucts that are hot right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which promotional items are the most effective?

Branded uniforms and clothing are the most effective promotional items as they bring a huge amount of benefits to your company, and employees alike. Gifting promotional, branded clothing to your staff can increase professionalism and recognition within the workplace. It can also create an intensified sense of team unity, while turning your employees into your best marketing asset.

Which promotional product has the widest appeal?

Promotional products with the widest appeal are our eco-friendly and recycled range. This range focuses on high quality merchandise, made using sustainable practices and materials. These products are either made of recycled materials, recyclable materials or they have a circular end of life.

What is the most popular item to give away at events?

The most popular item to give away at events is our range of pantone matched pens. These are great event giveaways as they have a low cost per unit but a high perceived value due to their usefulness to the recipient. As they are pantone matched, your brand will be easily recognisable by those who see it, even when in an event surrounded by other company giveaways.

What is the most popular promotional gift for staff?

The most popular promotional gift for staff is our range of branded water bottles. These are great employee presents as they are cost effective, highly customisable and they are very useful. Staff can use these bottles both in and out of work, helping to create a sense of unity during working hours whilst turning them into brand ambassadors out of hours.

What are the most sought-after promotional gifts for staff members?

The most sought-after promotional gifts for staff members is our range of premium gifts, including co-branded clothing. Premium corporate gifts are also more likely to be kept and cherished meaning longer lasting brand exposure and more brand awareness. While it may be more of an investment, the benefits of associating your brand with quality are clear.

What promotional products are hot right now?

Quirky promotional products and confectionery are at the top of everyone’s merchandise needs at the moment! These types of promotional products are very popular as they are low cost but highly fun and memorable. This means your products can create a higher return on investment as the product, and your brand, will stay in the mind of the recipient for a long time to come.