Employee onboarding packs and client welcome packs can be created to your very specific brand requirements. However, if you’re unsure of what products would work well, we’ve got some “ready to roll” onboarding packs already put together. All you’d need to send us is your logo.

Staff Onboarding Packs

Express Pack

Poco Notebook, 5oz Cotton Bag, Express Verona and Rapido Ball Point Pen. Ideal for low quantities and express delivery.

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Onboarding Packs

Desktop Pack

RPET A5 Notebook, Recycled Plastic Pen, RPET Water Bottle, Recycled Wireless Phone Charger and Cambridge Mug.

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Extra Eco Pack

5oz Reusable Cotton Tote Bag, Reusable Eco Cutlery, Reusable Lunch Box, A5 Corker Notebook and Corky Pen.

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Commuter Onboarding Pack

Commuter Pack

RPET Anti-Theft Backpack, Hand Sanitiser, Aluminium Wireless Power Bank, Metal Travel Thermos and Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

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Warm Welcome Onboarding Pack

Warm Welcome Pack

Organic Cotton T-Shirt, RPET Cool Bag, RPET Water Bottle, Recycled Sunglasses and Recycled Peak Baseball Cap.

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Keep Warm Onboarding Pack

Keep Warm Welcome Pack

Organic Zip Hoodie Jumper, Recycled Beechfield Beanie, Bamboo Travel Thermos and Recycled PET Umbrella.

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Welcome Your Staff In Style With ECO-Friendly Company Branded Swag Packs

Staff retention is a huge challenge for HR departments all over the country and effective employee onboarding is extremely important. Recent studies show good employee onboarding can improve staff retention by 82%. Company branded swag packs can play a very important role in this. They help set the tone on day one for a positive workplace experience, help reinforce the brand and work culture and bolster brand engagement. An excellent company investment to get your staff smiling. Our packs are built on sustainability to make sure they send the right message about you.

Staff Onboarding

Sustainable Products

Staff Onboarding

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Staff Onboarding Pack

All Items Logo Branded

Staff Onboarding Pack

From Just 25 Units

    Eco Custom Packaging

    Onboarding Pack Stack Of Boxes

    At Brandelity we like to avoid single-use packaging where possible. However, when necessary, we try to choose the most sustainable packaging options we can find. Company branded packaging can also help to increase the perceived value of your promotional gift and gives you increased brand awareness.

    • Onboarding PacksBoxes are made from at least 75% recycled materials.
    • Any fill we use is fully recyclable and biodegradable.
    • All printed inserts and stickers are on recycled or Kraft paper.

    Our Custom Eco Packaging is available from just 25 units for our Staff Onboarding Pack Range and is quoted for as standard. The boxes used are mailing boxes, meaning they are strong and durable for UK shipping. Printed boxes are available on larger orders at an additional cost. Information found below.

    So What’s Included As Standard?

    Onboarding Packs

    Plain Compostable Mailing Boxes Made From 75% Recycled Materials

    Staff Onboarding Packs

    SizzlePak Compostable Paper Fill In A Variety Of Colours (Optional)

    Onboarding Packs

    A5 Printed Insert On Thick Recycled Or Kraft Paper (Optional)

    Staff Onboarding Packs

    Large Branded Sealing Sticker On Recycled Kraft Paper

    Full Coverage Printed Box Options?

    Available from 120 units+. Print to the the outside as standard. Inside available at a further additional cost.

    Brown Eco Box – 1 Colour Print (Value)

    White Eco Box – Full Colour Print (Premium)

    • Print in white or black only
    • FSC Certified Kraft Box (70% Recycled)
    Onboarding Packs

    Made from corrugated natural kraft cardboard that’s smooth to touch and offers a sturdy structure.The corrugated cardboard is made from FSC® certified materials with at least 70% recycled content. The box is fully recyclable/biodegradable. Made in Europe.

    • Full colour, full cover print
    • Made from recycled materials.
    Coloured Onboarding Packs For New Recruits

    Three layers of corrugated cardboard with a whitened surface. Rigid and safe for shipping. Completely recyclable and made from 100% recycled content (FSC cert.). Fully biodegradable. Digitally printed in CMYK colours. Made in Europe.

    If you would like to create a staff onboarding pack with specific packaging requirements, get in touch with our team on sales@brandelity.com.

    Create Your Own

    We can create you your own custom branded onboarding packs from hundreds of promotional products. All products are subject to different branding restrictions and MOQs, but we’re confident with our vast range on quality merchandise, that whatever your requirements, we can create you the perfect onboarding pack to effectively welcome your staff to your brilliant brand!

    Below are a few ideas of popular products that have a range of branding options to get you thinking but let us know what it is you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you with suggestions and pricing.

    Branded Reusable Cork Coffee Cup
    Sustainable Promotional Jumper
    Nova Rpet Roll-Top Backpack
    Recycled Beanie
    Branded Desktop Garden
    Organic Promotional T-Shirt
    Eco-Friendly Branded Notebook 1
    Branded Baseball Cap
    Eco Ocean Spouter Bottle
    Branded Metal Reusable Straw With Bag And Straw Cleaner
    Express White Gloss Cambridge Mug
    Rayz Eco Branded Promotional Sunglasses
    Engraved Company Steel Mug
    Express Promotional Bamboo Power Bank

    Get In Touch

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long does delivery take?

      The lead time to produce the merchandise varies pack to pack and your account manager will advise this at the quotation stage. Once we have your packs ready to send, delivery from our warehouse is by second class royal mail.

      Can I personalise the merchandise with individual names?

      Not yet. This is something we’re working on for some of our items such as notebooks, however the majority of our welcome pack merchandise can’t be individually named.

      Can I see samples of what I am sending?

      Yes. Samples sent out are normally unbranded and may incur a cost. Printed samples may be available for some items but will incur additional costs and will increase your lead times.

      Are there minimum or maximum order quantities?

      The minimum order quantity varies from pack to pack but should be visible on the packs information page. Click on the image of the pack of interest above to view full information. We don’t have a maximum order quantity but orders will be subject to stock and larger orders may have an increased lead time.

      Can I send out my packs over a period of time?

      Not as standard. Onboarding Packs will be packed and posted out together to avoid warehousing and fulfilment costs. If staggered postage is essential to your requirements, please talk to an account manager to see if we can accommodate.

      Can I put together my own onboarding packs from your product list?

      Yes, providing the items fit nicely inside our standard eco-packaging.

      If you have any questions about our standard onboarding packs, our “create your own” onboarding packs or the additional storage and postage services we can offer, please get in contact with a member of the Brandelity team.

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