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Our Latest Unusual Promotional Gift Projects

See the most quirky promotional merchandise on the market and the brilliant branding opportunities available to you in our recent showroom pieces.

Full Colour Branding? No Problem

Companies with full colour print or design patterns will know the difficulties that can be faced when it comes to branding merchandise. Many branding techniques just aren’t suitable and many that are can prove expensive. We are lucky to have full colour merchandise branding nailed. Whilst not available on every product, we have a wideContinue reading

Branded Beeswax Wraps for PTSD UK

Since they were introduced to our product list in late 2019, our Branded Beeswax Wraps have been a big hit. They have a large full colour branding area, they offer customised packaging, they’re unique and they solve an environmental problem. Cling film contains a material known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC),Continue reading

It’s an Aye to Parliament’s Socks

Here at Brandelity we are always talking about making merchandise memorable. If the aim of your game is increased brand awareness, it’s not producing the biggest and most expensive gifts that will get you the most exposure and keep you in the minds of your customers. It’s producing products thatContinue reading