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Our Latest Unusual Promotional Gift Projects

See the most quirky promotional merchandise on the market and the brilliant branding opportunities available to you in our recent showroom pieces.

Quirky Products for Flood Re

Flood Re is a non-for-profit company that was developed by the Insurance industry to cap domestic flood insurance prices in high risk flood areas. We worked with this client to produce a selection of sustainable and fun items to give away at an event with a focus on brand awareness.Continue reading

UEFA Women’s Euros Volunteer Gifts

Earlier this month we worked alongside the Greater London Authority “City Hall” to produce some custom branded products for the 2022 UEFA Women’s Euros. These items were given out as a Thank You to some of the many 1000’s of volunteers that have helped make this event a success andContinue reading

Full Colour Branding? No Problem

Companies with full colour print or design patterns will know the difficulties that can be faced when it comes to branding merchandise. Many branding techniques just aren’t suitable and many that are can prove expensive. We are lucky to have full colour merchandise branding nailed. Whilst not available on every product, we have a wideContinue reading