We have a wide range of promotional bags to suit all demographics, price brackets and campaigns. With the current push for sustainability and eco-awareness, we’ve ensured our product range focuses on eco-friendly responsible materials, including bags made from recycled products. Promotional, branded bags are extremely effective in increasing your brand image and reach, with 73% of recipients using their bags regularly.

Here is a selection of some of the most popular bags that we are branding at the moment. Click an item for more info.

Promotional Tote Bags

Branded Tote Bags can be made from a wide choice of materials and meet a range of budgets. However, the real cause of the branded reusable bag surge was the 5p plastic bag charge introduced in 2015 (now 10p). Since this date, there has been an 86% decrease in the number of plastic bags bought by supermarkets. With so many people using reusable totes, it makes an excellent, affordable and eco-friendly item to brand and gift.

Customised Canvas Tote and Beach Bags

Studies have shown branded tote bags can bring over 6,000 impressions per piece of merchandise. This means tote bags are a great promotional product for a high return on investment, especially when the goal is increasing your brand awareness. Our range of canvas tote bags and beach bags are high quality and long lasting, meaning your brand will be getting impressions for years to come! 

Promotional Laptop Bags

Research has shown there is a shift away from the use of desktop computers towards laptops, meaning an increase in the demand for laptop bags. Branding a promotional laptop bag is a great idea for your business as this is a useful item that can be used in your office, helping act like a ‘uniform’, uniting your workforce.

Promotional Backpacks

Promotional backpacks are universal and multi-functional, as they can be used for work, away days, the gym and many other occasions. The versatility of branded rucksacks ensure they are of abundant use to the receiver, helping to increase it’s perceived value. This can then translate onto the perceived value of your brand, helping to strengthen your brands reputation. 

Customised Drawstring Bag

Promotional drawstring bags are easy to grab and carry. In many cases, traditional bags are bulkier and harder to carry for long periods. This means they are likely to have a large brand exposure as recipients will take them to a range of errands and activities. 

Promotional Premium Bags

In a recent study, people were asked how receiving a promotional gift made them feel and the number one response was ‘appreciated’. In an age where customer lifetime value is key, making your clients feel appreciated is integral to success and building relationships. Gifting a promotional bag with a high perceived value also creates a stronger brand image and a higher perceived value of your brand and its products/services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bags can you brand?

We offer a selection of promotional bags at Brandelity, in a range of styles and materials. Our categories of bags include tote bags, drawstring bags, canvas bags, backpacks, laptop bags, satchels, beach bags, messenger bags, hiker bags, duffle bags, premium co-branded backpacks and more. If you have a specific type of promotional bag in mind, please type that bag into our search bar at the top right of our website and you can see the selection from there. Alternatively, please email us at sales@brandelity.com.

What benefits do promotional bags bring to my company?

Promotional, branded bags are extremely effective in increasing your brand image and reach, with 73% of recipients using their bags regularly. By placing your brand on a bag, you are ensuring an increase in brand reach as the recipient carries it around, whether this is on a busy commuter tube or through a big event.

How are promotional bags branded?

The branding options on our promotional bags vary from bag to bag. There may be different sizes, locations and methods such as Embroidery, Vinyl Print Screen Print, Full Colour Sublimation Print and more. Please enquire at sales@brandelity.com for more information specific to the bag.

What is the minimum order quantity for promotional bags?

The minimum order quantity for promotional bags can vary depending on the supplier and style, starting from 20 units with our premium bags. However, some of our tote bags and drawstring bags have higher MOQs, starting from 100 units. Please enquire for more details.

How long does it take to receive my promotional bags order?

The turnaround time for promotional bags can vary depending on the supplier and the complexity of the order. We will always provide the lead time for an order when providing you with your no obligation quote. We aim to get our products delivered to you in a timely manner, and will always update you on shipping/tracking information.

How do I choose the right type of promotional bag for my business?

When choosing promotional bags, it is important to consider the purpose of the bags. For example, if choosing a bag for an onboarding pack, we would recommend a high quality rucksack that can fit a laptop. However, if you are looking for promotional packs for a big event, we could recommend a more cost effective sustainable tote bag with a big branding area to help increase brand exposure.

Can I see a sample of the promotional bag before placing my order?

We understand that seeing a sample helps you to determine the quality and design of a promotional bag before placing your order which is why we are happy to supply a sample of the bag you’re interested in. This may come at an extra cost depending on stock, however please reach out to our sales team for free, non-committal advice by using the enquiry form on the product.

How can I find out about the sustainability of the bag I’m interested in?

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of eco-friendly and sustainable promotional product options. Every product featured on the Brandelity website has a product description which contains information such as the MOQ, branding options and the product’s materials. If you would like more information, please enquire via the enquire link on the product for free and the sales team will be happy to give you more information. In most cases, certification showing procurement, materials and traceability can be obtained and provided from the suppliers and/or manufacturers.

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