A rebrand is always a massive undertaking and it is essential that all stakeholders, from employees through to investors and customers, understand the new direction for your business. There are many elements to a company rebrand, but when it comes to the physical transformation of your brand, branded merchandise is key to raising awareness. It’s important to print your logo on effective promotional merchandise that promotes your brand message and company values. Branded merchandise for a company rebrand should include:

  • Staff uniforms and incentives, such as new onboarding packs.
  • Stationery and desktop items that are in keeping with your brands new look and feel.
  • Office decor and other useful items such as wall signage and coffee cups.
  • Sales promotions such as gifts with purchase and event giveaways at your trade shows and conferences.
  • High-end corporate gifts to ingrain your new brand into the minds of your top clients and make them feel appreciated.
Corporate Gift

Most Popular Merchandise Items for Rebrands

Rebrand Merchandise
Why Branded Stationery?

Branded pens and notebooks are the most popular branded desktop items. Although not the most innovative, these items offer long lasting brand awareness. With 83% of people able to recall the name of a brand or company of promotional items on their desk, they are as effective as they are useful.

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Pantone Matched Dye Sublimation Branded Lanyard
Why Branded Lanyards?

Lanyards are a staple of many workplaces; often worn daily by staff members. Visitors badges might be the first impression a client has of your physical brand as they enter your workplace. Branded lanyards add a level of professionalism and with Pantone matching available from just 100 units, they offer great, effective brand awareness.

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Organic Branded Zip Hooded Jumper
Why Branded Hoodies?

Staff hoodies are an appreciated staff gift that’s an excellent addition to an on-boarding pack and makes your staff feel part of a team. With lots of materials and branding options, you’re able to keep true to your brand values and when they’re worn outside the office, they offer extra brand awareness too.

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Helping Techy Cask Rebrand

Rebrand Marketing

Being a modern software company, it was important to Cask when they rebranded that their new promotional merchandise reflected their forward thinking, fresh brand image. Their (and our) favourite rebrand marketing item was the Qi charging mat. It ‘s a useful everyday item and therefore offers lots of brand awareness. It can be used by both staff and customers and as a modern technology item, it’s in keeping with their brand image and their position in the technology sector. Perfect!

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