Everybody loves a free gift, which is why companies have been using “gift with purchase” as a sales strategy for many years. Including a free gift adds value to a purchase by offering you more goodies for the same price. It’s also a great tactic for launching a new product. You can incentivise purchasers to choose your product over a competitor by offering a gift with a purchase. Or you can add a small sample of a new product as a free gift with one of your regular best-sellers, hopefully meaning the buyer will like it and then start purchasing even more of your products.

Here is some top reasons to consider a gift with purchase as part of your marketing mix:

Adds Value To Your Brand
You’re giving your customers more for their money. Discounts can devalue your brand and also eat away at your profit margins.

Boosts Conversion Rates
A consumer is more likely to choose your product with a free gift inside. Making a free gift available “for a limited” time or “while stocks last” also adds urgency to a purchase.

Boosts Sales
Having stipulations in place such as, a free gift when you spend over £20 on our products, may incentivise a customer to spend that little bit more for the free gift.

Keep Customers Loyal
A gift makes a customer feel valued by your brand, making them more likely to return. Also, a gift highlighting other products in your range may encourage the consumer to buy more of your products in the future.

Corporate Gift

Popular Merchandise for Gift With Purchase

Custom Shaped Power Bank
Why Bespoke Items?

Bespoke moulded items allow for the highest levels of customisation. You can shape your merchandise into the same shape as that of your product or of your logo or mascot. This allows you to get more brand recognition and brand value from your merchandise. Bespoke moulded products also have a high perceived value.

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Logo Printed Seed Packets
Why Branded Seed Sticks?

Branded Seed Sticks are a fun and unique gift with purchase idea for those who want to show Eco awareness. They are popular with restaurants, food product companies and events that have some link with a food item (for example, Wimbledon & Strawberries). It’s also a cheap option which works well as a gift with a low cost product.

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Set Of 2 Branded Metal Straws With Pouch & Cleaning Brush
Why Branded Straws?

Plastic straws and the environmental problems they cause, as well as McDonalds adopting soggy paper straws, have gained lots of media attention in recent months. That makes Reusable Metal Straws, which have multiple branding options, a brilliant gift with purchase. They are current, useful to all and have a long life span.

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Working With Konami

Product Launch Gifts

We know in the gaming industry that little beats the hype of a new Pro Evolution Soccer release, which is why we were thrilled when Konami contacted us about creating a bespoke new product launch gift to be included with their Legendary Edition retail pack. Konami opted for bespoke USB sticks, made from PVC rubber. These were a perfect choice as the computer consoles themselves have a USB port, and a USB stick can be used to install option files for Pro Evo or save data. We were confident if you were one of the 50,000 members of the public willing to pay for the exclusive Pro Evo Legendary Edition packs, it was likely you’d know all the tricks and hacks and make good use of this brilliantly branded USB drive.

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