Coco Fibre “Birds Nest” Fern Kokedama

Product: TP-P-04

This exotic looking Eco plant is the perfect low maintenance Kokedama for a corporate gift. It also has the wonderful quality of being a “Fresh Air” plant that takes in CO2 and gives out O2 in abundance! The Coco Fibre “Birds Nest” Fern Kokedama is perfect for your office or home. The coco-fibre covering of the soil ball is a very low maintenance covering making it easy to look after. It comes with a terracotta tray and a wooden log tag which comes laser printed with your logo. Additional extras such as water spray bottles are available on request.

All product elements are biodegradable or recyclable and come in recyclable packaging and a printed page of care instructions is also included. A striking and unusual premium exec gift!

Note: The minimum order quantity for this product is 20 units.

Coco Fibre “Birds Nest” Fern Kokedama product information:

Minimum Order Quantity: 20 units

Weight: 700g

Pot Materials: Biodegradable Kokedama

Holding Tray: Terracotta as standard (ceramic/bamboo on request at additional cost)

Product Dimensions:
Soil Ball : approx 13-15cm diameter.
Plant: approx 20- 25cm high.

Branding Options: Laser engraved wooden logo (others on request)

Note: Packaging used is eco-friendly. Boxes are recycled and filling is eco-fill corn starch

Coco Fibre "Birds Nest" Fern Kokedama

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