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Social Conscious

There are many considerations when choosing the most effective promotional merchandise and through many years of experience, we’ve mastered that process. At Brandelity, we pride ourselves not only on the job we do but the way we do it.


Our experienced team will work with you to ensure your brand only features on relevant, purposeful and environmentally responsible merchandise. Making sure you stay memorable, and for all the right reasons.

“Always quick and easy to order and delivered in good time, we have been using this company for many years.”

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Branded Products

Create Unique Staff Onboarding Packs

Company branded swag packs are an excellent way to welcome new employees to the team and can be an important element in successful staff onboarding. Introduce them to your brand, make them feel part of a team and get them smiling!

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Eco Friendly

Building a Sustainable Future

At Brandelity, we pride ourselves not only on the job we do, but the way we do it. For too long now the promotional merchandise market has been wasteful and thoughtless when it comes to flooding the world with pointless little bits of plastic upon which a logo is printed. Times have changed and we are different.

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November's Top Promotional Products

Our best-selling promotional items can be just what you need to help catch people’s attention. increase brand awareness, create interest, generate sales and create brand loyalty. 

As a team of specialists, we pick our top promotional products every month which are the best in season!

Our Clients

Companies We Work With

Building partnerships is what we do best. We’re trusted suppliers to some incredible companies.

We take great pride in getting to know our clients and working with these companies on big and small projects.


Insights & Case Studies

Making Merchandise Memorable for companies that solve a problem and are enjoyable for everybody. Our Showroom shows insight into our unique products and how they benefit our customers.

We outline a request Brandelity has received from companies and the steps we take to find the solution that suits their goals.