Shopping Eco Umbrella

Product Code: TUC-5429

The Shopping Eco Umbrella is a sustainable manual opening mini umbrella with a shopping bag. This easy to handle umbrella is thanks to the sliding safety runner and has high-quality windproof system for maximum frame flexibility in stormy conditions. The Shopping Oko Eco Umbrella comes with a sleeve zipper which the umbrella can be closed down into or it can be used as a reusable shopping bag. Perfect to take shopping with you! The polyester pongee waterSAVE® cover material made from recycled plastics and dyed using a water-saving process makes this a great eco-friendly umbrella.

Minimum Order Quantity: 25 units.

The Shopping Eco Umbrella product information:

Minimum Order Quantity: 25 units.

Dimensions: 98 (Ø) cm          Weight: 325 g

Material: Recycled Plastics, Wooden Handle

Print Area Panel :  180 x 125 x 125 mm

*Branding is also available on the bag, labels, bottom of the handle, and top of the zipped up bag.

Print Type: Full colour

Colours: Black, Grey, Navy, Red, Lime Green, White

Shopping Umbrella Colours

9158 Limette Futteral 3 950X1038 19158 Limette Futteral 2 950X2224 1 Scaled9158 Limette Schirm Tasche Druckbeispiel 3 950X743 19158 Limette Futteral 950X2659 1 Scaled


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