Seapeak Pantone Matched Bottle

We recently worked with Seapeak to produce sustainable custom-branded drink bottles. Seapeak are global leaders in the maritime transportation of gas liquids, operating a robust fleet of 90 vessels.

These eco-friendly bottles were featured in goodie bags at a conference attended by Seapeak’s seafarers, who typically serve on the company’s ships across the oceans. Seafarers often spend extended periods away from home and rely on essential items for their daily activities. Therefore, Seapeak wanted their goodie bags to contain branded items targeted at and useful specifically to seafarers.

Siena Pantone Matched Waterbottle 1

Siena Stainless Steel Bottle: The Perfect Match for Seapeak’s Seafarers

Perfectly suited for Seapeak’s seafarers, our 500ml Siena Stainless Steel Bottle combines durability with functionality. This robust bottle keeps drinks hot or cold for extended periods, ideal for long shifts at sea. Its Pantone-matched customisation aligns with Seapeak’s branding, enhancing visibility while promoting sustainability. What’s more, it can be used multiple times helping us all to pass on plastic!

The bottles were very well received and we look forward to supporting Seapeak at future events!

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Further Merchandise Ideas for Seafarers

Items like branded clothing, caps, or bags not only serve a functional purpose but also act as mobile advertisements for maritime companies or organisations. When seafarers wear or use these items during their travels or shore leave, they contribute to increased brand visibility among their peers and in port cities. Seafaring communities often have a strong sense of camaraderie and belonging. Promotional merchandise featuring maritime-themed designs, slogans, or logos can foster a sense of unity and pride among seafarers, creating a positive association with the sponsoring company or organisation.

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