Branded Hygiene Key

Up until very recently cookies have been the backbone of online targeting with pretty much the entire online ecosystem being reliant upon them. When we are online, website cookies are all around us, they follow us and they track and log our every move. This then enables a website to be able to remember us and then programmatically enhance the user experience based on what it predicts we want to see.

There are two main types of cookie. First-party cookies, which are left by the site you are using and third-party cookies which are left by websites you have visited in the past. Over time these build up on your browser and enable a website to find out all sorts of information that can be used to help drive sales. The latter have long been a topic of great concern and this month Google has announced that all third-party cookies will be phased out by 2022.

So why does this matter and what does this have to do with branded merchandise?

If companies can no longer access and utilise third-party cookies, then they are going to need to build their own first-party data which in turn will enable them to really understand who their customers are. Building a stronger and more direct relationship with their customers will be paramount.

This shift back to forging a stronger and more direct relationship with customers should not be exclusive to online/digital customer touch points. With almost everything now being done digitally, consumers crave a physical connection in their lives. This is where a well targeted branded merchandise campaign can really help enhance brand loyalty and nurture customer lifetime value.

We looked at some statistics from the BPMA that compared the effects of promotional merchandise campaigns to online marketing campaigns. They show the difference promotional products can make in nurturing client relationships and increasing customer lifetime value:

Stats Blog3Promotional products make 6 times as many recipients feel appreciated than online marketing efforts. Only 8% said online efforts made them feel appreciated compared to 64% that received promotional gifts.

Promotional products motivate over four times as many recipients to take action compared to online strategies. 11.2% for online compared to 50.7% for promo products.

Most importantly for customer lifetime value, promotional products invoke loyalty in over 8 times as many recipients as those marketed to online. 7.9% compared to 60.1%

Merchandise works. Let us show you…

Recently we have worked with a number of companies (such as Barclays, Innocent Drinks, Hasbro Inc)  that have used logo branded reusable items such as Coffee Cups, Sports Bottles and Beeswax Sandwich Wraps to help build a stronger relationship with their customers.

Read all about the success we had with some of our more recent campaigns…

In an ever more digital world, a well thought out and well targeted branded merchandise product will offer a much needed human touch and will almost certainly put a smile on your customers face.

If you’d like to speak to us about some promotional product ideas for your brand, get in touch with one of our team on or call us on 01753 491470. For now, why not browse some of our most popular merchandise…