Wimbeldon Promotional Sports Merchandise

As summer 2024 approaches, the excitement is palpable with a sporting event for everyone. Now is the perfect time to promote your brand by customising sports merchandise. Whether you’re gearing up for giveaways or planning to sell branded items, we offer a dynamic range of promotional sports merchandise inspired by this year’s thrilling summer of sports. Capture the spirit of the events and put your logo in the spotlight this summer.

UEFA European Football Championship Branded Items

This year, the Euros is set to take place in Germany, in which we’ll see Cristiano Ronaldo playing in his 6th European Championship. The excitement kicks off in Munich, famously celebrated as the beer capital of the world, promising plenty of beer to complement the football frenzy. When it comes to the Euros, bucket hats, beers and BBQs come to mind—exactly the kind of vibe our promotional products capture perfectly.

Here are our top merchandise picks for Euro 2024:

  1. S&S Bravo Bucket HaSs Bravo Bucket Hatt: A must-have fashion staple at the Euros, our eco-friendly bucket hats are made from recycled and organic cotton, perfect for showcasing your logo in style.
  2. Branded Beer Bucket: Essential for any large event, this 24-litre bucket can be filled with ice and beers, featuring your logo prominently on the front.
  3. Bamboo Bottle Opener: Don’t forget the bottle opener! This durable bottle opener is crafted from sustainable bamboo and stainless steel.
  4. Little Lineker Football (Size 1): A high-quality, small-sized football with a large branding area, making it a standout football-related promotional product.

Olympics 2024 Inspired Merchandise

The Olympics brings together athletes from over 200 countries, capturing the attention of billions around the world. It’s not just a sporting event; it’s a celebration of diverse cultures and nations united by competition. This year, France will host its largest sporting event ever and we’re particularly excited about the new addition to the games- breakdancing. The Olympics has a unique way of inspiring fitness and outdoor activity nationwide.

Here are some of our Olympic-inspired sports merchandise:

  1. The Windsor CupBranded Stainless Steel Cup: Staying hydrated is crucial, especially during intense competition. The Windsor Cup features a generous 1100ml capacity and double-walled construction to keep drinks cool throughout the day.
  2. Mix, Max, Shake! Protein Shaker: Essential for athletes, our 700ml protein shakers are ideal for anyone needing to boost their protein intake. Perfect for branding, these shakers are a great addition to any retail line.
  3. Social Plastic® Frisbee: While not yet an Olympic sport, frisbees are an excellent promotional item for any outdoor event, embodying the spirit of fun and activity that the Olympics inspire.
  4. SeaTowel (100% Recycled Towels): With many sporting events taking place in the water, including surfing in Tahiti, a towel is a must-have item. Our SeaTowels are not only functional but environmentally friendly, made entirely from recycled materials, including plastic bottles.

Wimbledon-Inspired Promotional Products

This year marks the 137th Wimbledon tournament, attracting fans from across the globe to witness the world’s premier tennis event. Wimbledon epitomises British summertime, evoking images of straw hats, Pimm’s, picnics, champagne and delicious strawberries topped with cream.

Here are our top sports merchandise selections for Wimbledon 2024:

  1. Reef Sunglasses With Bamboo ArmsBranded Promotional Sunglasses: With the British summer hopefully bringing plenty of sunshine, these stylish sunglasses are perfect for shielding eyes from the sun while offering fantastic eye-level brand exposure.
  2. Elegance Hi-Ball Glass: Since Pimm’s became a fixture at Wimbledon in 1971, no tournament experience is complete without it. These tall glasses are ideal for branding with your logo and serving up a refreshing Pimm’s cocktail.
  3. Brown Paper Lunch Bag (Cool Bag): Keep your cucumber sandwiches cool in this retro-inspired insulated brown ‘paper’ bag. Its nostalgic and unique design makes it an excellent choice for a stand-out promotional product.
  4. Rayz Summer Straw Hat: A must-have for any spectator, these Panama hats not only provide shade from the sun but also offer superb opportunities for brand visibility. Whether for sale or as giveaways, these hats blend practicality with impactful branding.

We’re captivated by how each of these summer sporting events carries its unique flair and associations. Engaging with these iconic events provides your brand with a powerful platform to connect with diverse audiences in a timely and relevant manner. Get into the spirit of this year’s sporting events by branding your own promotional sports merchandise.

Here’s to an exhilarating summer filled with top-tier sporting entertainment!


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