Product Code: ST-HYP-01

These beautiful SeaTowels are made from 100% recycled materials, including recycled plastic bottles. Choose from bottles collected by fisherman directly from the sea or save a few pennies and opt for plastic bottles from landfill. The bottles are made into a yarn which is mixed with recycled cotton in a colour of your choice. These are woven to make a beautiful Eco towel of excellent quality.

As well as choosing a towel that will help clean up our planet, every purchase will see 5% of supplier profit go to The Ocean Cleanup.

Please note, this product has a 300 unit minimum order quantity.

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SeaTowelThere are two very eco-friendly options of recycled towel available. They are priced differently.

1. Towels made in part from plastic bottles collected directly from the sea by fisherman.
2. Towels made in part from plastic bottles taken from landfill.

Minimum Order Quantity: 300 units.

Material: Recycled PET yarn (from plastic bottles) mixed with recycled cotton.

Large Towel Dimensions: 100 x 170 cm     Weight: 368g

Branding Area:  Full coverage

Branding Type: The branding is in the weave. Branding can be 1 colour only.

Colours: The RPET yarn is white, while the recycled cotton will be closest to your Pantone colour.

Note: A medium size towel is available for orders of 1,000 units or more. Dimensions: 70 x 140 cm.  Weight: 339g