Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

There has been a massive surge in the number of people looking for branded, promotional merchandise with an eco-edge, stemming mainly from the news coverage of climate change and the battle to ban non-recyclable plastics. Often we find our clients are not just looking for products that are good for the environment but also look the “eco” part. With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of our Top 5 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for 2018. All of the products listed can be printed or engraved with your company logo or full-colour design.


Printed Cotton Drawstring Bag

5. Ecomate Cotton Drawstring Bag

I thought about choosing a regular cotton tote bag, purely for their current popularity, but thought the Ecomate was just that little bit more exciting. Popular with schools, colleges and clubs, drawstring bags are perfect for those wanting to keep their belongings secure and safe. It’s made from 100% cotton and really looks the eco-part. It also has a very large branding area which means you can print your company logo on this Eco product nice and large and let everyone know you go for the environmentally friendly options.

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Biopot Uk24. Bio Pot

The first of two promotional products for those of you that are green fingered. The Bio Pot is a gift which your clients will need to engage with, meaning more brand interaction and also an added element of fun.The Bio Pot is a small plant pot made of biodegradable materials that comes in recycled packaging. There is a small branding are for your company logo or message and pretty petunia seeds are also included.

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Recycledpaperdrive1Dprint3. Recycled Paper USB Stick

The Recycle Paper Drive has curvy eco-appeal with casing and a removable lid made from recycled paper. It looks the part and can be branded with a 1 colour logo print to its body. It’s unique appearance perfectly compliments a recycled paper notebook and a pen made from recycled paper, all also available in our range. Making the perfect eco-friendly desktop set to send to your client’s offices. It’s a favourite in the Brandelity office.

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Bamboo Coffee Cup With A Logo2. Bamboo Takeaway Eco-Mug

The Bamboo Takeaway Mug is fast becoming a best-seller! It’s the most enquired for product on our website this year which I’m sure is helped by the fight on single-use coffee cups and the proposed “latte levy”. The beauty of this Eco-mug is in the sustainable bamboo and corn fibre material the mug is made from. It also features a silicone lid and grip. It’s available in two cup colours with a wider selection of grip colours. It can be pad printed to once location or can be screen printed the whole way around the cup above the grip, so your branding can be nice and clear on this great value environmentally friendly option.

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Seedstix Printed1. Our fave Eco Product of 2018 so far is, Seed Stix!

These little Branded Seed Packets make great giveaways! Based on the old style matchbox of the 50s, these Seed Stix packets are low cost, unique, offer full cover print design and you can choose from a wide range of trees, herbs and flowers. They are the perfect choice for restaurants, hotels, catering companies, charities and other eco-friendly ventures. They are sure to get your customers smiling when they receive one and they’ll also be showing their friends their cool little Eco freebie. The perfect way to generate a talking point around your brand.

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