Branded Hemp Tote Bag

Product: CLW330

A handy bag with long handles made from hemp! The hemp plant, not to be confused with the Marijuana plant, has the strongest available natural fibres and almost all parts of the plant can be used. For example, the hemp plant has been consciously cultivated for centuries to make textiles, such as this bag. Hemp is a very fast and easy growing plant and is naturally resistant to insects.  It can therefore be grown completely organically.

Hemp uses less 25-35% less water than the cotton plant and also has a smart root system. The deep, fine roots of the hemp plant keeps the soil healthy and purifies toxic substances from the soil.

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 units

Hemp Tote Bag product information:

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 units

Material: Hemp

Length: 42 cm.       Height: 50 cm    Handle Length: Long

Branding Area: Front/Back

Branding Option: Silkscreen Print

Print Size: 250 x 250mm

Colours: As shown

W33042C Scaled

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