Eco Heloix Pen

Product: MK- 6771

An eco-friendly favourite. Nature line ball pen with push-up mechanism. Combination of body in glossy bamboo and accessories in PLA -PolyLactic Acid-, which is obtained from 100% natural resources such as corn starch, yucca or sugar cane, and can be made 100% compostable at the end of its lifespan. Clip with a large marking surface and available in a wide range of colours, with blue ink. PLA label on top of the clip.

 Minimum order quantity: 100 units.

The Eco Heloix Pen comes in 5 different clip/nib colours. The barrel is only available in Bamboo material. It’s a great pen for companies who want to promote environmental understanding.

 Minimum order quantity: 100 units.

Pen Type: Push button ballpen

Material: Bamboo/ PLA 100% Compostable

Branding Location: Barrel in 2 areas (Enquire for details)

Print Options: Pad print up to four colours.

Print Area: 50 x 6 mm

Colour Options: As Shown

Collage Scaled

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