Sustainable S’Wheat Bottle

Product: SWB001

Impress your clients, employees, and customers while also elevating your company’s commitment to sustainability with S’Wheat Bottles. Made from plant-based materials, our reusable S’wheat bottles offer a unique opportunity for co-branding with your company.

For every S’Wheat Bottle ordered, S’Wheat will plant an equal number of trees in your company’s name. You’ll receive a bespoke QR code along with your order, that when scanned will highlight where we’ve planted your company’s trees. This means those receiving a S’Wheat Bottle also get their own unique tree that they can monitor over their lifetime!

Minimum order quantity: 50 units (2,000 units for Pantone Matched)

The Sustainable S’Wheat Bottle is a high-quality, co-branded bottle with an opportunity for Pantone Matching.

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Units (2,000 for Pantone Matched)

Material: Wheat Stalks

Capacity: 550ml

Branding Options: Colour Print and Laser Engraving

Print Area: 120mm x W:50mm

Colour Options: Oat, Blue, Green & Black (as seen in the image below) as well as Pantone Matching.

Sustainable S'wheat Bottle

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