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Are you a company that wants to reduce it’s carbon footprint and provide a 100% sustainable gift? Treebytree enables companies to gift trees. Easily, at scale, and with an epic, customizable gifting experience. Trees are the 100% sustainable gift that help restore degraded land, cool down the planet and last but never least: captivate recipients.

Every tree you gift is regenerated in Central Africa by the superheroes of Justdiggit. They work closely with local farmers and communities to bring felled trees back to life with proven regreening techniques such as Kisiki Hai.

Gift a tree. Grow a forest. Make an impact!

Minimum Order Quantity: 20 units

Gift a Tree information:

Minimum Order Quantity: 20 units

How it works: Send your gift by email, download a printable gift card or download QR-codes to print on tailor-made products and your own designs.

If you wish to go with a QR code, you could also have the QR code printed on a desired promotional product!

Branding: The digital gifts can be personalised to match your company branding and include your logos/design. You can add a personal message, upload a logo and choose from a number of pre-selected colours and patterns.

Track your impact of each tree: You get insight into geolocation, tree species, CO2 sequestering, water retention and you even get to know the local famers.

How long you can keep track of your tree: For up to twenty years. Now that’s a gift that keeps on growing.

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