Recycled Branded Beanies

Motorsports UK is the national membership organisation and governing body for four-wheel motorsport in the UK’. As an organisation, they focus heavily on diversity, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to get close to the action, regardless of who they are. Their mission is to create a sustainable future for the motorsport industry, and one way of doing this was by contacting Brandelity for sustainable, branded merchandise! 

Motorsports UK has an incredible joint programme with the FIA called ‘Girls on Track UK’. Their purpose is to create events to inspire girls into seeing their valuable place in the motorsports industry. This inclusive environment strives to include all women into a range of areas within the industry.  Brandelity was tasked with providing sustainable, branded merchandise to be used as a gift for one of Girls On Track’s amazing events in London. 

Motorsports UK chose the high quality, sustainable recycled Snowstar Beanie for their event, which ensures to keep their brand visible and the girls on the track warm! Gifting branded merchandise at a networking event is a great tool to help solidify your brand in the minds of attendees. This is especially true when the merchandise is deemed useful and of high quality. Motorsports UK has achieved this perfectly as the cold weather makes these recycled beanies a must have for our winter wardrobe! 

Event giveaways are also known to improve the longevity of your impact on the minds of the attendees as having a tangible piece of memorability will keep you current in their view. This is particularly important for Girls On Track UK as they are on a mission to bring accessibility to women in the motorsports industry, and making this concept more visible in a woman’s everyday life will help to break down the mental barriers that may be there. 

Sustainable, Branded Beanie Spotlight: 

Recycled Snowstar Beanie


Recycled Beanies

Providing both sustainability and style, our Recycled Snowstar Beanie is GRS-certified and made from 100% recycled polyester. The double-layer knit locks in warmth, while the two-tone pom pom adds a wintery finish. We recommend branding by embroidery to the outer cuff.