Branded Uniform

Christopher Ward is a premium watch brand that brings idiosyncratic English design together with Swiss watchmaking expertise. They are the ultimate expression of art, science and engineering. As they are such masters of quality, it isn’t surprising Christopher Ward chose Brandelity to deliver branded uniforms for the watch making team. Brandelity supplied the team with customised, comfortable Stanley & Stella polo shirts, t -shirts and quarter zip fleeces.

Why Should You Supply Your Staff With Branded Uniforms? 

Branded Uniforms Increase Professionalism

By gifting branded uniform to your staff, you are contributing to a more professional overall corporate image. A national survey conducted by J.D Powers and Associates found that customers are more inclined to do business with employees who wear uniforms because they stood out as professionals. This study showcased customers believe staff in uniforms were more competent and knowledgeable than those in their own clothing, which in turn increases customer retention. 

As well as increasing perceived staff competence, uniforms ensure your staff are visible and identifiable to customers. This can help create a strong first impression for the company as customers automatically look for employees when they first enter a business, and if the employee looks professional, then they will immediately give a positive impression. This positive impression also relates to companies working in a B2B setting as uniforms eradicate the potential issue of an employee’s clothes being too informal for a B2B meeting.

Branded Uniforms Help Employees

As well as being helpful to brand image, branded uniforms are useful to the employees who wear them. By wearing uniforms, your employees can save time, as well as money, when getting ready for work. If your uniforms are comfortable and flattering, like our Stanley & Stella range, it can increase employee confidence which in turn, will lead to a more productive workforce. As well as making staff feel good at work, work uniforms can help create a divide between work and home, which can be extremely positive to their mental health. When wearing their work clothes, they will enter a sense of productivity and when they return home, they can take their uniform off and feel a sense of rest and recuperation

As well as emotional benefits, work uniforms can create economic benefits to your employees. By providing your staff with work uniforms, you are eradicating the burden of them needing to purchase their own clothes for work, which will reduce their financial burdens in regards to their job.  

Branded Uniforms Boosts Team Unity

Branded uniforms promote a sense of unity and team spirit, which has been proven to lead to higher productivity. Uniforms put everyone in the company at the same visual level, which can help make management seem less intimidating, and can therefore empower your staff to be more communicative.  The sense of belonging found from wearing the same uniform as your team can also create a better bond between workers, which can lead to a more productive work environment. You can read about this in our case study of Kids Village


Branded Uniforms Add to Your Marketing Efforts

By gifting branded uniforms to your employees, you are turning them into your most valued marketing campaign. Work uniforms are the marketing tool with the highest return on investment as they have a high visibility and reach rate whilst still being practical to your employee’s everyday work life. An innovatively designed uniform can make your employees standout, and draw attention to your company logo, design and colours. This brand exposure turns your staff into a ‘walking billboard, as seen by companies such as Royal Mail and Footlocker