AirTanker, a leading air-to-air refuelling service provider, understands the significance of brand visibility and is taking steps to enhance its brand image. AirTanker has ordered a range of customised, sustainable items, including the popular Mini Eco Plant Cube and the Woco Wooden Wireless Charging Mat Mini Eco Plant Cube, to elevate its brand presence and leave a positive, lasting impression. 

Mini Eco-Plant Cube

AirTanker’s dedication to sustainability is exemplified by their choice of the Mini Eco-Plant Cube as a branded item. This innovative product allows recipients to grow plants within a compact, eco-friendly cube made from sustainable materials. By engraving AirTanker’s logo on the cube and printing a black AirTanker logo alongside a 100 Years AAR logo on the outside card, AirTanker creates a memorable and eco-conscious promotional piece.

The Woco Wooden Wireless Charging Mat

At the heart of AirTanker’s branding strategy lies the Woco Wooden Wireless Charging Mat, an elegant and functional device that seamlessly integrates wireless charging technology into a stylish wooden design. AirTanker recognised the appeal of this modern, everyday product, which not only enhances convenience but also showcases their commitment to sustainability.

AirTanker’s logo was expertly engraved on the front of the Woco Wooden Wireless Charging Mat, adding a touch of sophistication and personalisation. This thoughtful branding approach ensures that the charging mat serves as a constant reminder of AirTanker’s services and values whenever it is used. 

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Practicality and Versatility:

Airtanker Engraved Wireless Chargers

The Woco Wooden Wireless Charging Mat not only serves as a unique branding tool but also offers exceptional functionality. Compatible with a wide range of smartphones, AirTanker’s users can now conveniently charge their devices without the need for messy cables. The wireless charging mat’s versatility allows it to be used in various settings, including offices and homes, making it an ideal promotional item for AirTanker’s diverse audience.

Reinforcing Brand Identity

Through the Woco Wooden Wireless Charging Mat and the Eco-Plant Cube, AirTanker reinforces its brand identity as an industry leader committed to innovation and sustainability. The wireless charging mat showcases AirTanker’s commitment to convenience and cutting-edge technology, while the Eco-Plant Cube symbolizes their dedication to environmental responsibility. Together, these branded items serve as powerful tools to communicate AirTanker’s values.

Complementary Branded Items:

In addition to the Woco Wooden Wireless Charging Mat and Mini Eco Plant Cube, AirTanker also ordered other branded items from Brandelity to enhance its promotional efforts. A custom-engraved water bottle and a branded bag were included in the order, further extending AirTanker’s brand visibility. These items serve as practical and eye-catching accessories.