Maximus Promotional Desktop Plants

This month, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Maximus on an exciting project. Maximus UK is a government services company with over 5000 members of staff in the UK and part of a global group employing over 56,000 staff worldwide.

Our task was to create custom-branded gifts for their staff members as a special thank you. These thoughtful gifts were delivered to 136 office locations and over 370 home addresses, spreading appreciation across the company.

Desktop GardenAfter considering a selection of sustainably focused items, Maximus decided upon our fabulous branded Desktop Garden Sets. Each set is Made In The UK and features a recycled brushed aluminium desktop pot, complete with an innovative seedball that will germinate in around 7-14 days. The pots were branded in full colour.

Branded garden plants are a lovely gift to receive and they also offer great brand exposure. The pots eventually sit prominently on desks, making them highly visible to not just the recipient but also to others who visit the desk or workspace.

Plants are often associated with positive attributes like growth, vitality, and care. We believe associating your brand with these qualities creates a positive perception in the minds of recipients and observers and not only that, Indoor plants improve air quality and create a more pleasant and calming environment. We believe associating your brand with health and well-being can be a powerful message.

All in all, these desktop garden sets masterfully blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, offering a unique branding opportunity. They are a brilliant choice for promoting your business or brand, ensuring your message grows alongside the plants.

Are you inspired by Maximus’s choice of sustainable branded Desktop Garden Sets? Email to discuss how we can tailor eco-friendly promotional items for your next corporate initiative.