Gatwick Branded Merchandise: Glass Bottle & Glass Coffee Cup With Printed ‘Be The Change’ Slogan

London Gatwick is the UK’s second busiest airport. They employ over 21,000 staff and since 2009 have committed themselves to some ambitious sustainability goals.

Last month we were very pleased to be asked to produce a range of bespoke branded merchandise items to be given out at their first ever ‘Gatwick Sustainability Week’ Event. In line with Gatwick’s environmental pledge, each item was chosen for its sustainability credentials. 

The items chosen for this event were the Claro Glass Coffee Cup and the Pure Pantone Matched Glass Bottle, both custom branded with Gatwick’s Be The Change message.

Glass is an excellent material for promotional merchandise as it is a recyclable material, and the recycling process is highly efficient. Unlike some other materials, glass can be recycled repeatedly without losing its quality or purity. Recycling glass reduces the demand for raw materials, conserving energy and lowering greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of new glass. As well as being great at helping eliminate single-use plastics, glass is an excellent material to drink from as it doesn’t impart any flavours or odours into the drink and allows the true taste of the drink to shine through – which is great for drinks like chilled water or iced coffee!

Both items are made from thick durable glass with a weight and feel that we believe enhances the overall enjoyment of a drink whilst at the same time helping spread brand awareness.

The items were all very well received and the event was a success! We are looking forward to working with Gatwick Airport again soon on future events.

Green Merchandise Picks for Championing Gatwick’s ‘Be the Change’ Slogan 

Promotional Glass Coffee Cup

Claro Glass Coffee Cup

These Claro Glass Coffee Cups, sporting Gatwick’s ‘Be the Change’ slogan, truly stood out at Gatwick’s first Sustainability Week. They are one of our favourite items at Brandelity because they look sleek, feel high quality and are eco-friendly. They’re made from solid, BPA-free glass, making every sip of coffee a little nod to Gatwick’s dedication to protecting our planet.

Pure Pantone Matched Glass Bottle Uk 6002 1

Pure Pantone Matched Glass Bottle

The Pure Pantone Matched Glass Bottles were branded with Gatwick’s ‘Be the Change’ slogan and graphic. Each bottle features a sturdy, high-quality glass body and is accompanied by a removable silicone sleeve which can be matched to any Pantone® colour. These bottles not only provided a functional and stylish way to stay hydrated but also served as a constant reminder of the importance of sustainable living which embodies the essence of the ‘Be the Change’ initiative.

Inspired by Gatwick’s green merchandise picks for their Sustainability Week? Email to discuss how we can tailor sustainable promotional items for your next event.