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Recently, the team at Brandelity has noticed a new enquiry trend; companies wanting “influencer merchandise”. This could be merchandise for retail that could be promoted through influencer marketing or just a small run of merch that influencers could use/wear in their daily life or promotional activities that would hopefully offer them some brand exposure to a more targeted audience.

In today’s digital age, the combination of influencer marketing and merchandise has become a powerful strategy for brands to boost their visibility. By leveraging influencers’ reach and authenticity, brands can effectively promote their merchandise, message and drive new customer engagement. 

There’s lots of information online about the advantages of influencer marketing in general but less is written specifically on influencers and merchandise. If you’re considering investing in merchandise for use in an influencer marketing campaign, here are some potential benefits:

  • Amplifying Brand Reach with Influencer Merchandise 

First, let’s state the obvious; it can boost numbers! Influencers can hold the key to a vast audience. Your brand can collaborate with influencers to showcase their merchandise, from branded clothing to drinkware and accessories, amplifying brand exposure and potentially increasing your site traffic numbers and sales.

  • Building Authentic Connections through Influencer-Endorsed Merchandise

Influencer marketing is very effective at building authentic connections. When influencers endorse merchandise, their genuine enthusiasm and personal connection with the products enhance trust and credibility. Consumers are more likely to embrace your merchandise if it’s recommended by influencers they trust as this helps them to establish a deeper emotional connection with your brand.

  • Showcase Product Features With Influencer Merchandise:

Product Features Influencer

Your company’s merchandise should represent your brand’s identity and values (if it doesn’t you need to speak to us!). Influencers hold the key to a large, trusting audience and they’re able to hold their attention for much longer periods of time than regular advertisement. Collaborating with influencers allows your brand to showcase unique product features, with influencers providing detailed insights, demonstrating functionality, and sharing personal experiences. This more extensive interaction, (delivered from a ‘peer’ the consumer trusts), helps potential customers understand the real benefits and value of your products.

  • User-Generated Content (UGC): The Influence of Influencer Merchandise: 

Influencer marketing often generates user-generated content. Influencers create engaging content, including photos, videos, and reviews featuring your merchandise, which is then shared and reposted. The sharing of this UGC across platforms amplifies brand visibility and sparks user interest. Often user engagement can include more brand and merchandise interaction. Your brand can then repurpose this content for their own campaigns, reinforcing the connection between influencers, merchandise and brand authenticity. Everybody wins.

  • Leveraging Influencer Style for Merchandise Success: 

Want to be seen as cool? Influencers are often known for their unique style and fashion sense. Users want to be like, or be friends with, their favourite influencers. When consumers see influencers using and styling your merchandise, they perceive it as fashionable and desirable, driving purchase intent. Sometimes partnerships between influencers and brands allow the influencer to incorporate their aesthetic into merchandise design, creating products that align with their own personal brand. These items can possibly be exclusive or limited edition, giving a sense of urgency to purchase. All of this can also have an effect on your brand value and reputation as a whole.

So in conclusion….

Influencer marketing and merchandise go together like Ben & Jerry. They form a symbiotic relationship that can propel your brand to new heights. Through influencers’ reach, authenticity, and engaging content creation, your brand can effectively promote its merchandise and build trust as well as foster meaningful connections with your target audience. Your brand can increase brand visibility, customer engagement, and boost sales. What’s not to like?

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