Promotional Socks

Promotional socks might seem like a humble item to choose as a branded giveaway but they can be a brilliantly bold promotional item for soo many reasons. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the reasons promotional socks make marvellous merchandise:

1. Socks Serve All Of Us

Here in Blighty, we lose a mind-boggling 84 million socks every month! Where do they all go? Nobody quite knows although some clever clogs do have their theories. Stephen Hawkins once joked that they get sucked into a black hole! We’re not sure we believe Mr Hawkins’ theory but we do think there’s a best seller in the making for ‘Sherlock Holmes and The Case Of The Odd Socks’. 

This tragic parting of sole mates costs the U.K a whopping £2 Billion every year and can result in horrendous cases of the ‘odd socks’, which is never ok.

Until the case gets solved, the best line of defence is to stock up on socks, so you always have a spare pair. Even if you don’t struggle with odd socks, we bet you get holes in them, which is why everyone can benefit from a free pair of promotional socks.

It doesn’t matter your age, gender, ethnicity or sexuality, we all wear socks and losing them is a well-known issue that effects us all. Socks are one of the few promotional items with a truly universal appeal, we bet you’re even wearing a pair whilst reading this!

2. Promotional Socks Are Useful

With socks often being unreliable it’s not surprising that the average Brit owns 17 pairs. Whilst this might sound like a lot, we lose over 15 pairs each year. Meaning there is always a need to replenish their reserves with new stock so their tootsies don’t get caught short.

With most people wearing socks every day to keep their feet dry and safe they’re also an incredibly useful item of clothing. It is this very ‘useful’ quality that makes promotional socks a perfect giveaway. When the British Promotional Merchandise Association conducted a survey they identified ‘usefulness’ to be the most desired quality from a promotional product. If, you own a pair of feet then you’ll know first hand (or foot) just how useful socks are. 

3.Socks Are Highly Customisable

Promotional socks are one of the most customisable branded merchandise products available. From yarn type, sock styles, designs, colours, thickness and even packaging, there’s so much choice when it comes to socks. So, if you’re looking for knee-high, crew socks, sports socks or even eco-upcycled socks, we have options for you.

You can really make them your own and customise them so they are truly unique to your brand. In fact, we did just that:

Get Your Own Promotional Socks

So, if you’re looking for a useful option of branded merchandise, then you can’t go wrong with promotional socks. No matter what kind of sock you require, no matter how quirky, get in touch get in touch on 01753 491470 or send us an email to and we will help you get spectacular socks.