What Is A Desk Drop?

All you need to know about communicating with your employees with a corporate desk drop.



Corporate Employee Gifts
A Pass On Plastic Pack can make an excellent desk drop for companies with a new Eco message

What is a desk drop and who normally gets one? A desk drop is usually a campaign to communicate a message to your employees via a cool gift. This gift is often printed with a logo or message, possibly accompanied with literature and usually left in a staff locker or on their desk. 


The most important thing with a desk drop is that it has a clear purpose and that it communicates your message loud and clear! It could be that you want to say “thank you!” to staff for all their efforts or congratulate them on winning an incredible award. Maybe you’ve had a company rebrand and you really want to make sure they know the new branding and understand the look and feel. Or, maybe you’ve got a new Eco-policy and you want to make sure the employees really understand this and buy into its importance. Whatever the desired effect, there will be the right item of branded apparel, printed merchandise or yummy confectionery to convey your corporate message and put a smile on the faces of your valuable staff members. And that’s where we can help.


Corporate Employee Gifts
A quality desktop desk drop with personality by Canary Marketing in the US.

Whatever corporate employee gifts you choose, it should be something that holds value to the person receiving it. That doesn’t necessarily mean monetary value. If your employees spend lots of time driving to meetings in their car, maybe an in car charger would be useful and valuable to them. If you have employees that have to travel on trains or planes often, maybe a high capacity power bank or a branded travel case would be effective. If you have a young, casually dressed workforce they may see value in a branded hoodie, unlike a workforce that is required to wear a suit on a daily basis. It’s also important that your desk drop reaffirms your company values, not contradicts them. If you have a plastic free office, don’t desk drop confectionery in single use plastic wrappers or give away non-recyclable, cheap plastic pens which although useful for a short while, will likely end up in landfill, with your company brand all over them.


If you’re looking to create your own desk drop campaign, consult with an expert to make sure you stay on brand and your message is not missed. At Brandelity, we make sure you have a personal account manager who you can discuss your objectives with. They’ll talk you through the best way to convey your message and provide you with options and samples of gifts within your budget. For larger companies with multiple offices, Brandelity can provide a fulfilment service where your gift packs are assembled if needed, shipped to multiple addresses or stored and the stock is drawn down from. 

It may sound like a mammoth task with complicated processes but it doesn’t have to be. With our expert help, you can be sure your desk drop campaign will land on time, on budget, be effective and be an all-round employee pleaser. All you need to do is send an email to our sales team with your requirements at sales@brandelity.com


Got more time? Wanna see what a desk drop cold look like? 

Check out ByteDance’s employees dissecting their New Year’s desk drop. They gift these to staff at the beginning of each year to show their staff appreciation and ensure the employees stay engaged with the brand and its identity.