Recycled Promotional Merchandise

Recycled Promotional Merchandise turns trash into treasure!

It’s very easy to find promotional products. It’s a lot more challenging to find ones in keeping with your brands ethics, which is why recycled promotional merchandise is so great! Not only does it give a second life to waste materials but it can also be used to prevent more waste being created. Promotional merchandise made from recycled materials prevents more plastic pollution and waste in landfill, which is good for both the environment and your companies corporate social responsibility record!

There’s some really innovative recycled promotional merchandise out there with bottles being turned into branded tote bags and single use coffee cups being fused into a reusable keep cup. Below we’ve listed some of our favourite recycled promotional merchandise items currently available.

Recycled Promotional Tote BagsTurning Bottles Into Totes Amazing Bags

Plastic pollution is a major environmental issue for our oceans right now with over 8 million metric tons of plastics entering our oceans every year! It’s estimated that by by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish in terms of weight.

There isn’t any one simple solution to this pollution problem but that’s not to say we’re hopeless. Since the 5p single use plastic bag levy was introduced the amount of plastic bags found on UK seabeds has plummeted, proving small changes can have a positive consequence. Any switch away from single use plastic bags is good, but what about the existing plastic waste yet to enter our oceans?

Well, we can put it to good use by recycling it into promotional tote bags. We’ve a variety of promotional tote bags made either fully, or in part, using recycled single-use plastic drink bottles. Our Gotta Lotta Bottle Bag is an rPET bag made out of 3 single use plastic bottles whilst our Evo Recycled Promotional Tote Bag is made from a mix of rPET bottles and recycled textiles, allowing for a more natural look. These are great quality promotional tote bags that can be used for years to come, making them an ideal promotional item to get branded with your logo.

Recycled Promotional Merchandise Tote Bags

Recycled Promotional Paper Products That Bloom

Branded Seed Bags That GrowIf our recycled promotional tote bags don’t appeal to you then perhaps are Paper Seeds Bags will. Made from 100% biodegradable recycled paper, this promotional printed paper bag comes branded with your logo. These bags are able to live out their use without their environmental impact our living you. Oh, did we mention the paper used is infused with plant seeds? So, when you’re clients are done with this bag they can bury it and watch your brand bloom! Pretty cool huh? It’s sure to leave a lasting impact for all the right reasons.

Branded Paper Seed WristbandsWe also have Seed Paper Wristbands, as with all of our products these come printed with your company logo. These recycled promotional merchandise items, like the Paper Seed Bags, can be buried once used to grow some greenery. A great alternative to traditional paper or plastic wristbands for large events and festivals.


Sip And Save Our Seas With Branded Eco Coffee Cups

Single Use Coffee Cups Used Each YearWe all love a coffee, whether you’re grabbing one for the commute or having a catch up with your friends. In the U.K we drink a staggering 95 million cups of coffee per day! The downside of all this coffee drinking is that in the U.K alone we’re using 7 million disposable coffee cups every day. That’s an astonishing 2.5 billion every year! Because these disposable coffee cups are lined with plastic polyethylene to make them water tight, they are incredibly difficult to recycle at standard recycle plants. As a result, less than 1 percent of disposable coffee cups get recycled, leaving a lot of plastic waste to pollute our environment for hundreds of years to come.

Buying a keep cup is a great way to prevent more disposable cups being used, but buying a keep cup made from disposable coffee cups is part preventive and part solution. This is why a recycling genius came up with the rCup, a branded Eco coffee cup. Made in part from recycled paper coffee cups, the rCup has a lifespan of 10 years and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life – via curbside recycling. Not only can this ingenious cup keep drinks hot and cold but it is also BPA free and features a super handy 360 degree drinking lid. Our rCups come printed with your logo to make for an amazing branded Eco-friendly coffee cup that your clients will love. These branded takeaway cups are great for encouraging others to pass on single use plastics whilst also getting your brand regular exposure as your clients fill up on their caffeine fix.

Recycled Promotional Merchandise Coffee Cups

Stay Dry With Recycled Promotional Umbrellas

Umbrella Made From BottlesHere in the U.K rain is never far away with an average of 156.2 days rainfall each year. Even on days with the sunniest of forecasts it’s better to be prepared with a brolly than to get caught out in an unexpected downpour. This makes branded umbrellas not only a useful promotional product but also a much appreciated one. So much so that a branded umbrella is kept on average for 14 months and during their lifespan generate an astonishing 1,300 brand impressions. Pretty impressive for a brolly. Want to know something even more impressive? You can get promotional umbrellas made from recycled materials.Promotional Umbrella Made From Recycled Pet Bottles These eco friendly umbrellas feature a canopy made out of recycled PET bottles. As with all our branded umbrellas, these recycled promotional umbrellas come printed with your logo. So, why not make good use of old water bottles to keep your clients dry in good ol’ blighty?

Stationary With A Second Life

Promotional stationery is one of the most popular branded giveaways. Whilst branded stationary isn’t the most exciting promotional product, it is incredibly practical, used frequently and usually kept where you want you clients to see your brand most – at their desk. Pens and notebooks are the most popular type of promotional products found on desks. 83% of participants are able to recall the name of a brand or company of promotional items on their desk. This makes the everyday brand exposure such items generate a real business booster. Up until recently a lot of promotional stationary items were made using plastic or non recycled paper. Thankfully we now have Eco-friendly alternatives made from recycled materials.

Recycled StationaryOur Krafty Eco A5 Notebook is made from 100 sheets of 70gsm FSC certified recycled paper and has a modern Eco-aesthetic. Of course when the notepad has been used the paper can be ripped out and put into recycling, taking the recycling process full circle. This Eco friendly promotional notebook comes printed with your logo and has a variety of colour band and page market variations to complement your branding.

Of course, you can’t write in your Eco friendly branded notebooks without matching recycled promotional pens. Our Eco Woolf pen uses a minimal amount of plastic, as a result it is predominantly made from recycled paper. The barrel of our recycled promotional pens comes branded with your logo.

Additionally, the majority of our USB Flash Drives are encased using recycled materials. However, if you’re looking for branded flash drives with a more obvious Eco appeal then our Recycled Paper USB Drive may be for you. Not so surprisingly, the casing for this USB Flash Drive is made of recycled paper! Over the last couple of years its become one of our more popular Flash Drives, with many companies now trying to be Eco-friendly in as many ways as they possibly can.

Recycled Promotional Merchandise Stationary

Reduce & Reuse With The Right Recycled Promotional Merchandise

With more and more people adopting the mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle we anticipate that even more recycled promotional merchandise items will be created in the future. It is merchandise that the environmentally conscious enjoy receiving and that shows a company takes its CSR seriously. If you’re looking to get your own recycled promotional merchandise then get in contact with us today by calling +44 (0) 1753 491470 or emailing: