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We’ve got the scoop!

Australia’s most unique wholefoods supplier is coming to pommy land and launching as Scoop Wholefoods UK. Strewth!

With a mission to improve people’s health whilst safeguarding our planet for future generations, Scoop Wholefoods wanted to offer their customers lifestyle products that reflected this.

Reusable branded drinkware, saving the planet one sip at a time!

Well aware of the plastic pollution problem that’s plaguing our oceans and knowing many of their customers are eco conscious, it made sense to offer products that could assist their customers as they switch from single use plastics. Scoop Wholefoods came across our range of reusable branded drinkware online and got in touch.

Cane you believe we’ve got bamboo drinkware?

Scoop Wholefoods really liked our drinkware that featured bamboo. Not only does it look distinctive and Eco friendly, it also reflects their brands natural aesthetic. We sent them samples of our E-Trend Bamboo Thermos , which is perfect for keeping keeping your tea or coffee toasty, and our Berboo Stainless Steel Drinks Bottle, a rugged and reusable drinks bottle with a screw cap bamboo lid. Scoop Wholefoods loved their samples and we think you’ll agree they really exude that eco-chic appeal they were looking for. They offer a cool looking way to pass on single use plastic drink bottles. Whats-more is that both of these items came engraved with their logo to offer a long lasting brand impression, ideal for getting more brand exposure.

Looking to get your own logo branded drinkware?

If you’re looking to get your own logo branded drinkware, or any other promotional merchandise, contact us by emailing or free-phoning 01753 491470.

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