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Co-branding is a great option for anyone looking to enhance their brand or strengthen their position in their given market. Hubsport recently wrote a great piece showing examples of how this has successfully worked in the commercial world. However, it’s also a very popular tactic with promotional merchandise items including tech goods, known drinkware brands and of course, corporate clothing. In 2020, we’ve seen increasing numbers of companies choose to co-brand their corporate clothing. Here are our top 3 reasons why we think they made the right decision.

1. Perceived Value & Brand Value

Company Branded Patagonia VestsWe talk about perceived value a lot here at Brandelity. A jacket or hooded jumper with a Patagonia or Helly Hansen logo will have a higher perceived value than one that does not. However, it’s pretty obvious the cost of these items is also higher. In our opinion, it is an extra cost worth paying. Having your company associated with these more premium fashion brands increases the perceived value of your own brand. This is why many big corporations choose to co-brand their corporate apparel. Whether it be for staff gifts or client giveaways, having your company logo next to expensive brands sends the right impression. It says you are successful, high-end and may offer a more premium product or a trusted and established service. In more recent times, companies like Patagonia who are very popular with co-branding, have chosen to offer their service only to companies whose values align with their own. This means for companies conscious of their CSR image, co-branding with a company like Patagonia also shows potential clients that you are socially and environmentally responsible.  

2. Quality Tried & Tested

Well known brands carry reputations. For the more premium, outdoor fashion brands such as Berghaus and The North Face, their reputation is one of producing lasting, quality goods. When you spend money on corporate clothing you want to make sure that the product is quality and has been tried and tested by many. You don’t want to hand out corporate branded clothing to clients only to have it rip on the first wear or shrink in the first wash. How will that reflect on the quality of your company and the level of trust in your product? Also, long lasting apparel equals longer lasting brand awareness. Sometimes it is worth paying double the price for something that lasts 3 times as long. 

3. New Heights Of Appreciation

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The BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) regularly conducts surveys about the promotional merchandise industry. One such survey (which we have discussed in a previous blog if anyone wants a read!)  asked people how do you feel when you receive promotional merchandise? A whopping 79% said appreciated; by far the most popular response! Second with 47% was happy and then 21% said they felt impressed. I believe any corporate gift to a client or member of staff, however small, can help them feel appreciated if it’s presented in the right way and chosen with thought. However, choosing to gift a co-branded bag, jacket or jumper can work on two levels. The receiver feels appreciated AND the gift itself is appreciated. You are giving someone something of value and that many people have a desire for, which means it is something they are likely to keep, use and be grateful for. A premium item of co-branded corporate clothing will get them feeling all of the above: appreciated, happy and impressed.


Brandelity are able to offer a wide range of co-brand clothing opportunities, with well known brands such as Patagonia, Helly Hanson, Berhaus, The North Face, Columbia and many more. You can view a selection of our best-selling co-branded corporate clothing on our website, but please get in touch if you have specific requirements.

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