Gifts for home office workers

It’s starting to get chilly in Blighty, meaning the winter warmer duvet is out and the heating is going on. However, the ECIU (Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit) believe our want for warmth could see carbon emissions rise this winter. Covid 19 and the travel restrictions it has brought has meant that many of us have kept our feet firmly on the ground in 2020. Fewer flights has been great for the environment and earlier this year there was lots in the news about the decline of carbon emissions. However, heating accounts for 37% of the UK’s emissions. With most of us following government guidelines and working from home, there will be a lot more homes with daytime heating on and a lot less people in shared work spaces.

We’ve been thinking about this and so have come up with our top 5 products to stay warm this year whilst keeping an clean Eco conscience.  These products would make great gifts for home office workers or fun gifts to clients and you can let them know you’re thinking of them as well as the environment and their energy bill!

Gifts for home office workers1. Hot Water Bottles

When it’s cold outside, who doesn’t like to snuggle up with a hot water bottle? It’s retro and quirky and with no need to worry about, it makes for a great gift. Branding can be by print to the hanging tag or embroidery to the body on our winter themed option. A perfect corporate Christmas pressie.

Our choice is the Mini Woolly Water Bottle.


Organic Branded hooded jumper2. Hoodies

The hooded jumper is a staple in colder months and is also a popular item for staff incentives. We’ve a wide range of options but our favourite is the Organic Essentials Hoodie. Nice and warm, available in a wide range of colours and with great brand options. Plus, it’s made from Eco materials making it doubly as responsible!

Our choice is the Organic Essentials Unisex Hoodie.


Promotional Clothing3. Woolly Hat

Another winter essential is the woolly hat. Usually warn outdoors (allowing for all that extra brand awareness) the woolly hat will also do a good job of keeping you warn indoors and leaving the heating off that little bit longer. Some say it’s just a myth, but many people believe we lose more body heat from our head than anywhere else!

Our choice is the Beechfield Branded Beanie Hat


logo embroidered blanket4. Blankets

An extra layer you can put over your knees at your desk, your shoulders on the sofa or over your bed at night and, you don’t need to think about different sizes. We have lots of options available but our bestseller and the one on our website is the luxurious Snugbug Sherpa Fleece Blanket. Available in two colour, this is a corporate gift anyone would be cuffed to receive!

Our choice is the Snugbug Heathered Sherpa Fleece Blanket


Custom Rainbow Socks for pride5. Socks

Cold weather means cold wooden and laminate floors. Putting on cosy socks is one of the first things you do when you feel cold, just like taking them off and wearing flip flops is the first thing to do when it’s hot. Socks also have lots of branding opportunity with a full cover woven designs. They’re continually a bestseller here at Brandelity. We even brand our own!

Our choice is the Tootises Custom Socks


If you’re interested in any of our winter warmer products above or have your own idea for a promotional gift that’ll keep people warm responsibly, then please get in touch. Our team can be reached on 01753 491470 or email us at