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Providing a bespoke welcome pack for new employees is an excellent way to introduce your recruits to your company. Welcome packs, or onboarding packs, are a unique way to show off your company’s ethos and values while including essential work items. Transitioning into a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience but a thoughtfully assembled welcome package can help ease this daunting process. Issuing a personalised welcome pack to new recruits sets a positive tone for future work interactions to ensure they feel valued right from the beginning of their journey with your company.

What Is an Employee Welcome Pack?Eco Onboarding Pack: 5Oz Reusable Cotton Tote Bag, Reusable Eco Cutlery, Reusable Lunch Box, A5 Corker Notebook And Corky Pen

A welcome pack for new employees is a package filled with items and information for your new hires. The purpose of a welcome pack for new employees is to make them feel welcomed, have all the information they need and hopefully, put a smile on their face.

8 Benefits of Providing a Welcome Pack for New Employees

Welcome packs for new employees offer many benefits that are valuable for both your new recruit and for your company. Here are 8 top benefits of providing a well-crafted welcome pack for new employees:

  1. Embracing Company Culture:  Welcome packs that reflect your company’s values and ethos will help new employees understand and embrace your company’s culture right from the get-go.
  2. Improves Onboarding Experience: A thoughtful welcome pack makes the onboarding process smoother and more enjoyable for new hires which will help them to settle into their new role.
  3. Encourages Company Loyalty: Receiving a welcome pack can cultivate a sense of belonging and loyalty towards your company, encouraging long-term retention.
  4. Making a Strong Impression: Incorporating cool gadgets or unique items into the welcome pack can leave a lasting impression on new employees by showing innovation and thoughtfulness.
  5. Promoting Positivity: The surprise element of receiving a welcome pack is a sure way to uplift the mood of your new recruits. Receiving an unexpected gift is guaranteed to put a smile on their face from day one.
  6. Improves New Hire Satisfaction: Feeling valued and appreciated from the outset will increase job satisfaction.
  7. Showing you Care: Providing items that make the working day for your employees easier or more enjoyable shows that you care.
  8. Increasing Brand Visibility: Including branded items in the welcome pack serves a dual purpose. It not only introduces new employees to the company but also turns them into brand ambassadors outside of the workplace.

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Why Are Welcome Packs for New Employees Key to Employee Retention?

A personalised onboarding pack can help new recruits feel instantly connected to your company which is crucial for retention. Especially remote workers who may be starting their first day at home. Research has shown that Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%.’ This makes welcome packs for new employees an invaluable investment for your company.

What Should a Welcome Pack for New Employees Include?

The contents of this pack can vary widely depending on the job role, but several essential items and thoughtful extras can make a big difference. Here are the 3 most important items to include in your employee welcome pack:

Tech Essentials: Providing the technology necessary for the job like a laptop and mobile phone ensures new employees can start working efficiently from the get-go.

Important Paperwork: A lot of info comes along with a new job such as contracts, handbooks and policies. To save on paper, while also helping the environment, it’s a good idea to pop all the necessary paperwork onto a USB flash drive.

Branded Gifts: Including a thoughtful and practical selection of branded items plays a crucial role in introducing your company to your new employees while providing them with items that will come in handy.

A welcome pack not only addresses their immediate needs but also communicates that the company is invested in their happiness and success. Remember, the goal is to create a memorable first impression that increases new hire satisfaction.

What Branded Gifts Should a Welcome Pack Include?

When creating a welcome pack for new hires, it’s important to pick items that reflect your company ethos and personality. Making sure each gift is useful can make a difference; whether it helps with their work, looks after their well-being or simply makes them happy. Here’s a guide to choosing the ideal branded gifts for your new recruits:

Keep Warm Onboarding PackDesk-Based Employees: A branded charging mat to keep their devices powered throughout the day. This, along with a high-quality notebook and a branded pen, will fill their desk with practical branded items.

Those on the Road: A reusable coffee cup, a branded umbrella and a functional backpack could be ideal for those out and about during the day.

Outdoor Workers: A cap, sunglasses and raincoat are essential pieces of kit for those working outdoors in all weathers. Not only do these items show consideration for the employee’s comfort and safety, but they also offer excellent branding opportunities.

Budget-Friendly Options: A tote bag paired with a notebook and pen offers practicality and brand visibility at a lower cost. These items are universally useful and can be appreciated by employees in any role.

How We Can Help You to Create the Perfect Welcome Pack for New Employees

We have a selection of ‘ready to roll’ onboarding packs that you can pick from. Or if you would like a pack bespoke to your company then talk to us about your needs and we can work together to create something special. Get in touch with our expert sales team on or call 01753 491470.