Fanz Football (Size 5)

Product Code: JBF52

A full size 5, high-quality promotional football with a number of optional finishes. Approx 69cm in circumference, the Fanz Football can be branded all over or just to one panel. Branding is spot print and can be from 1 to 10 colours.

Note: Smaller size 1 and size 0 promotional footballs are also available.

Size 5 football with branding up to 10 spot colours available. PVC outer finish, latex bladder and 2 layer cotton/polyester lamination for perfectly spherical shape retention.

Note: Optional number of panels in construction.

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 units

Weight: 260-295g     Size: 68.5 – 69.5cm circumference.

Outer Material: PVC (gloss, satin or foam finish)

Branding Options: Spot print up to 10 colours.



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