Mini Moore Football (Size 0)

Product Code: JBF02

This small “size 0” printed football makes a great giveaway or world cup souvenir. At roughly 33cm in circumference, the Mini Moore offers lots of space for branding and can be printed on one panel or all panels from 1 to 10 spot colours.

Note: This is a small, size 0 promotional football. Other sizes are available.

Soccer Football Printed LogoSize 0 printed football with branding up to 10 spot colours. PVC finish, latex bladder and 2 layer cotton/polyester lamination for perfectly spherical shape retention.

Note: Optional number of panels in construction.

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 units

Weight: 95-100g     Size: 32-34cm circumference.

Outer Material: PVC (gloss or satin finish)

Branding Options: Spot print up to 10 colours.


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